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A Word About Fräulein Maria

Nine years before Hollywood unleashed the world’s greatest schmaltz-fest known as The Sound of Music, German filmmakers released a biopic of the famous von Trapp family. Die Trapp-Familie (1956) is a more down-to-earth telling of the Fräulein-Maria-vs.-the-von-Trapps story. It set the basic template for the later Hollywood version, although neither film is an exact re-telling of actual events. (One could argue the… Continue reading A Word About Fräulein Maria

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Gregory Peck vs. David Niven & The German Army

This post is part of the Dueling Divas Blogathon. *SPOILER ALERT* We never tire of the WWII adventure The Guns of Navarone (1961), a grand spectacle of a film based on the Alistair MacLean novel that was gleaned from actual events in the Aegean Sea in 1943. The film is about a British-led team sent to the (fictional)… Continue reading Gregory Peck vs. David Niven & The German Army


When Warner Bros. Went to the Dog(s)

Have you ever jokingly asked your pet to get a job? “Go and make us rich,” you might tease. “And don’t come back until you do.” Very few of us have pets who can stock our bank accounts. It’s not like we own a major Hollywood studio and can release Beloved Animal Movies whenever cash flow becomes a trickle. We’re not the Warner Brothers,… Continue reading When Warner Bros. Went to the Dog(s)


Spencer Tracy, I Presume?

Sometimes we don’t care if a Based-On-A-True-Story movie is actually true. And if the movie stars Spencer Tracy, Cedric Harwicke, Charles Coburn and Walter Brennan, then we care even less. The movie in question is Stanley and Livingstone, a film based on the true story of explorer/missionary Dr. David Livingstone who went to Africa and disappeared.… Continue reading Spencer Tracy, I Presume?


The Meddlesome Trevor Howard

It is a dark and stormy night. No, really! It is a dark and stormy night as archaeologist David Redfern (Trevor Howard) drives across Northern Africa in the 1950 adventure flick, The Golden Salamander. His mission is to retrieve some artifacts that have been stored in a cellar since World War II. But, on the way,… Continue reading The Meddlesome Trevor Howard

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Sydney Greenstreet: The Urbane Villain

In our opinion, the best movie villain is a real smarty pants. There’s nothing worse than a bad guy you can easily outsmart; otherwise, what would be the point of getting out of bed? This is precisely why we think Sydney Greenstreet is the perfect villain. He narrows his eyes when he scrutinizes you, he… Continue reading Sydney Greenstreet: The Urbane Villain

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Flipper vs. Sharks

Question: Who would win in an epic battle between Flipper the dolphin and two bloodthirsty sharks? If you’ve seen the 1963 adventure flick Flipper, you know the answer to this question. Flipper is the story of a boy (Luke Halpin) who befriends a friendly, smart dolphin. This dolphin is so smart, in fact, it can hear… Continue reading Flipper vs. Sharks


Adventure in the High Antarctic

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure that tests you so thoroughly you don’t know if you’ll come through it intact? That type of experience never puts us in a cheery mood. We would much rather watch these types of undertakings from the comfort of our living room. For example, look at the… Continue reading Adventure in the High Antarctic


A Mexican Cheese-Fest

Sometimes a girl can’t catch a break. Look at poor Peggie Castle in the 1954 adventure flick, The White Orchid. Castle plays photographer Kathryn Williams, a can-do gal who flies to Mexico to take photos of Robert Burton’s (William Lundigan) one-man archaeological expedition. She arrives on location at an Aztec temple, in a smashing grey suit… Continue reading A Mexican Cheese-Fest

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Treasure Island (1934)

Many things in this movie disturb us. People being run over by carriages or falling from a ship’s mast are one thing, but who told Lionel Barrymore to sing? Is Wallace Beery‘s hair real? Why does Jackie Cooper talk like Shirley Temple? And why is this movie so boring? We know, we know. Treasure Island… Continue reading Treasure Island (1934)