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Bruno Anthony’s Reliance on Public Transportation

One of our favourite on-screen performances is Robert Walker‘s turn as the psychopath Bruno Anthony in Alfred Hitchcock‘s Strangers on a Train (1951). Walker is electrifying as the spoiled, too-smart-for-his-own-good Anthony, a man with a slippery, non-stick charisma that easily deflects criticism. Even his rare flashes of anger are charmingly displaced by a mischievous smile and an amusing it’s-not-my-fault demeanour. There… Continue reading Bruno Anthony’s Reliance on Public Transportation

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Ida Lupino’s Murderous Sucker Punch

In 1940, Warner Bros. released They Drive By Night, a commentary on the American trucking industry. It starred George Raft, who was one of the studio’s biggest stars, and a young British actress who would steal the entire film. Her name was Ida Lupino. Lupino plays the perfectly-coiffed but disaffected wife of a trucking company… Continue reading Ida Lupino’s Murderous Sucker Punch

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Teresa Wright: Film Noir Superhero

Spoiler Alert! In Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, Teresa Wright does something no law enforcement agency is able to do. She handily dispenses with a dangerous villain and makes The World A Safer Place. (Get this: She does so while wearing classic leather pumps and tailored outfits.) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) is Hitchcock’s attempt to scare the pants off… Continue reading Teresa Wright: Film Noir Superhero

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Contrary to Popular Opinion: The Postman Should Cut & Run

We knew this day would come. We knew there would come a day when we would spill our darkest movie secret. It’s this: We think the 1946 holy grail of film noir, the one that’s on everyone’s Top 10 List, is dreadfully overrated. In fact, we can hardly sit through it. The Postman Always Rings Twice, in our opinion,… Continue reading Contrary to Popular Opinion: The Postman Should Cut & Run

Film Noir

The Big Sleep: The Head-Scratching Film Noir

Dear Reader: As part of The Great Movie Debate Blogathon, we are going to argue against The Big Sleep. Yup, you read that right. Against. Now, we realize The Big Sleep is on everyone’s Top 10 List, and we respect that. It’s a legendary film noir with engaging characters, beautifully designed sets (from Carl Jules Weyl)… Continue reading The Big Sleep: The Head-Scratching Film Noir

Film Noir

The Femme Fatale Troubleshooting Guide

Being a Femme Fatale is easy. Really – all you need are semi-presentable hair and wardrobe, along with an imperial ego. It’s when things start to slide off the rails that a gal needs a little help. Fortunately, a Femme Fatale troubleshooting guide exists in the 1946 film noir The Locket. The Locket is the… Continue reading The Femme Fatale Troubleshooting Guide

Film Noir

Jeanne & Barbara: We Hardly Knew Ye

Dear Reader, we wish to unburden ourselves with a confession. We (as in, yours truly) tend to be dismissive of typecast television actors. We may admire them in their particular TV role, but we may not appreciate – or care about – their full acting potential. So imagine our chagrin when we screened The Houston… Continue reading Jeanne & Barbara: We Hardly Knew Ye

Film Noir

Why Tom Neal Can’t Call Police

They say there’s one question a film noir has to answer right away, and that is: Why don’t they call the police? That would be the normal thing to do if, for instance, you stumbled upon a victim of a violent crime. However, if movie characters went to the police each time someone was murdered/robbed/blackmailed,… Continue reading Why Tom Neal Can’t Call Police

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The Strange Love of Barbara Stanwyck

Dear Reader: Today we are going to gush – GUSH! – over Barbara Stanwyck. Stick with us and you’ll be gushing over her too. Just see if you don’t. We realized Stanwyck was gush-worthy when we screened the 1946 drama The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. This, to us, is the perfect example of why… Continue reading The Strange Love of Barbara Stanwyck

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The Man Who Cheated Everybody

Do you ever wish you could make studios re-do certain movies? Well, we certainly do! We just watched a film noir that left us feeling so dissatisfied, we’re placing a call to Warner Brothers. In fact, we’re feeling so ripped off that – *SPOILER ALERT!* – we’re going to tell you how the movie ends to… Continue reading The Man Who Cheated Everybody