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And the Award Goes To…

Dear Reader, over the past few months we have been nominated for a few blogging awards, each of which has been heartily celebrated with cake.

We have been saving up these awards so we could present them all in one post. BUT! We are accepting these honours with a bit of a twist.

Normally, with awards, you answer questions and then nominate other bloggers for the award.

Well, today we are re-gifting these awards to the bloggers who nominated us by telling you why we admire their blogs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.10.48 PM

Fifty Shades of Reality is unafraid to dive into controversial topics and examine them thoughtfully. One example is this post on Human Trafficking.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.16.00 PM

No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen always hosts interesting discussions on art, films and life. One of our recent faves is this post describing things to love about France.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.26.19 PM

Wonderful World of Cinema has infectious enthusiasm for classic film – which is A-OK by us! For example, check out this wonderful birthday tribute to actress Olivia de Havilland.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.33.57 PM

That Other Critic never fails to make us laugh – and think, which is an excellent combination. One of our fave posts is this analysis of Adam West as the Perfect Batman.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.37.51 PM

Serendipitous Anachronisms is an amusing and clever blog that makes you want to see featured movies RIGHT NOW! One movie you’ll want to rush out and see is The Bat.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.42.35 PM

Girls Do Film is a smart, take-no-intellectual-prisoners kind of movie blog that makes you see movies a little differently. One example is this analysis of All About Eve.

But wait! There’s more!

We’ve also been asked to participate in a Three Quotes in Three Days Challenge by No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen and the fab Sarah at First Night Design.

We’re rewriting the rules on this one. Here are the three movie quotes that we use all the time in real life:





Thank You, Classic Movie Night

Look what Classic Movie Night gave us:

2013-04-18-23-54-03If you haven’t been following Classic Movie Night’s terrific blog, we urge you to do so. There are posts on celebrity birthdays, festivals, and all kinds of classic movie news. They do it all!

In accordance with the rules of this blog, here are seven things about us that will shock you:

Shocking Fact #1: We do not eat white dessert.

Shocking Fact #2:  We cannot handle too much caffeine. If we have a fully-caffeinated latte, we are completely unintelligible.

Shocking Fact #3: Our secret guilty pleasure is the Annette Funicello-Frankie Avalon Beach Blanket movies. We are fascinated by them.

Shocking Fact #4: We wake up at 5:30 every morning without an alarm clock. Sad, isn’t it? However, it does allow us to be very productive.

Shocking Fact #5: We saw Driving Miss Daisy for the first time just three weeks ago.

Shocking Fact #6: We have never visited a tropical country.

Shocking Fact #7: We have sworn off store-bought cookies, because they lack flavour and imagination. Why are we, as a society, content with this blatant mediocrity?

Shocking Fact #8: We are given to rants about meaningless subjects.

We are supposed to nominate 15 bloggers for this award, but we’re not sure who has/has not been nominated. So we will forego this for now, until we finish our own customized award system.

Thank You, Aurora

Look at what Aurora at Once Upon A Screen gave us!

liebsterIf you’re not following Aurora’s fabulous blog, click here to join the fun!


To accept this award, we have to list 11 random facts about ourselves and answer the 11 questions Aurora posed.

11 Random Facts You Were Dying to Know But Were Afraid To Ask:
  1. The other day we saw Oliver Stone live and in person when he spoke at a nearby arts facility. Remarkably, he did not ask us for our autograph.
  2. We make a fantastic Raspberry Pie. The problem is, after we’ve made it we don’t wish to share.
  3. We have an terrible weakness for red licorice even though it can barely be classified as food.
  4. We asked our sister-in-law to design the new header for our blog. It’s based on the statue, “The Cameraman”, that is located across from Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.
  5. We have three un-read Hollywood history books on our shelf and we cannot find the time to read them. It’s driving us crazy.
  6. We helped organize a documentary film festival last month. This was our attempt to help make the World A Better Place.
  7. Whenever we struggle with writers’ block, we put Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom on an endless loop. We cannot explain why this helps us. ‘Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia freedom…
  8. Our favourite place to write is in a recliner. We believe writing is best done in absolute comfort.
  9. We facilitate a writing group for children ages 10-14. These children are smart and funny, and we adore each one of them.
  10. We use an old-school BlackBerry. We refer to it as our “vintage mobile device”.
  11. Sometimes nothing in life will do like a slice of chocolate cake, such as the one below:

Vintage One Bowl Chocolate Cake with Chiffon Frosting recipe[4]


1.  Why do you blog?

We have opinions about every single movie we watch. Our beleaguered family and friends have heard it all, and they kindly suggested we blog about our opinions instead of sharing them during key moments in the film.


2.  What was your “best” film-going experience?

We saw Sunset Boulevard on the big screen and it was as though we’d never seen the movie before. Another memorable experience was screening It’s a Wonderful Life in a packed theatre. Everyone in the audience sobbed during the final scene.


3.  What classic film would you absolutely love to watch on the big screen and why?

We would love to see The Oxbow Incident on the big screen. We suspect it would be a life-changing experience.


4.  You’re having a dinner party and your list of guests include five classic film personalities/stars/directors – who’s on your list?

Our list changes all the time, but today it would include Thelma Ritter, David Niven, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis and William Wyler.


5.  What is your ideal day off?

An ideal day off would include a trip to the spa, shopping for unique chocolate and a large beef dinner:


6. You can have a half-hour conversation with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?

Linus from the Peanuts cartoon strip, because he’s quirky and he’s got that crazy hair.


7.  Your favorite movie monster is?

The Creature from the Black Lagoon. What’s not to love?


8.  If you could choose to live in a house/apartment featured in a film or television show, which would it be?

The post-renovation home in George Washington Slept Here.


9.  Name one thing you would have on your bucket list.

We would love to attend the TCM Film Festival. So far, the timing and/or finances haven’t been in our favour.


10.  Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie?

Bewitched. We love Agnes Moorehead and her wild blue eye shadow.


11.  Favorite film decade and why?

The 1940s. There were some thought-provoking films from this decade, as well as some of the best film noir ever produced.


Another requirement for accepting this award is to nominate 11 other bloggers. We’ve decided to forego this until we come up with an award of our own.

Thank You, Maedez and Sandy

Look what we got!

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

Thank you to Maedez of A Small Press Life and Sandy of Another Lovely Day for nominating this blog as Blog of the Year.

Now, these are two blogs you must – MUST – follow:

  • A Small Press Life is a gem that celebrates all things literary. It’s a smart, well-written blog with splashes of humour and whimsy.
  • Another Lovely Day embraces the beauty in everyday life, and leaves you feeling like you’ve had a chat with your best friend.


The ‘rules’ for this award are simple:

  1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
  2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.
  3. Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our-awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/   and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)
  4. Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them
  5. You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience
  6. As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…


Here are two blogs that we are nominating today:

I Started Late and Forgot the Dog – which features the best “found poetry” on the internet, along with movie reviews and clever song flowcharts.

Sarah’s Place – which features mouth-watering recipes and photographs that are so good, you can almost smell the food through your computer screen.

Thank You, TMP Lindsey

Look what Lindsey at The Motion Pictures gave us!

If you’re not following Lindsey’s delightful and thought-provoking movie blog, you should make haste to so! One of the many things we love about Lindsey’s blog is her Favourite Things About… feature.

One of the rules in accepting this award is to share seven Random Facts about yourself. Here are some things you were dying to know:

Random Fact #1: Our blog turned a year old on November 24. We celebrated with chocolate cake.

Random Fact #2: We celebrate every occasion with chocolate. It’s an all-purpose celebration treat.

Random Fact #3: We recently saw Sunset Boulevard on the big screen and nearly wept at how magnificent it was. It was as though we’d never seen this film before.

Random Fact #4: We rarely read books over 500 pages in length. We do not read books we cannot lift.

Random Fact #5: We first discovered Turner Classic Movies a few years ago when we moved into a new house and decided to splurge on cable. When we saw that such a thing as TCM existed, we were overjoyed. We felt as if we had won the lottery.

Random Fact #6: This December, we’re hoping to break our previous record of watching It’s a Wonderful Life eight times in one month. So far this month, we’ve seen it twice. Why we feel compelled to break this record we do not know.

Random Fact #7: We recently wrote a guest blog for Forgotten Film’s Crush-a-Thon. If you’re not following Forgotten Films, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.

Now, another rule for this award is to nominate 15 other bloggers. Our dilemma is that we admire dozens of blogs and are unable to select only 15. So, sadly, we shall have to forego this.

Thank You, Thelma Ritter

This post is a contribution to the A Letter to the Stars blogathon, hosted by In The MoodFrankly My Dear and Best of the Past.

Watch out, honey, I might steal your scene

Thelma Ritter is arguably the most unassuming scene-stealer in Hollywood history.

Dear Thelma Ritter:

We think you’re the best thing since all-you-can-eat chocolate fondue.

As an actor, you never were leading-lady material, yet when we’re watching your movies, we can’t wait until your next appearance on screen. You can do no wrong in our eyes. Who cares that you stole just about every scene you were in? We expect that of you!

You made over 30 Hollywood movies, and were nominated for six Oscars, none of which were awarded to you. (This irks us every time we think about it, but we digress.) You did win a Tony in 1958 for Best Actress (Musical) for New Girl in Town. But even that was a tie, a shared victory with your co-star, Gwen Verdon. Public recognition by your peers in the most prestigious ways was never to be yours.

Why is that? Is it because you were famous for playing mothers, nurses, maids, assistants – maternal characters who only served the lead actors? All your famous roles, and your Academy Award nominations, were for these types of supporting characters.

No matter what role you played, you were utterly charming. You could wear an unattractive oversized coat and a squashed hat, yet we never really paid much attention to these. We saw only you, and your character’s humanity, and we loved you all the more for it.

Your first film role was in Miracle on 34th Street, and your name didn’t even appear in the credits. It wasn’t a big role; you played a harried mother and Christmas shopper trying to fight her way through the crowds. But producer Darryl F. Zaunck was so impressed by you, he insisted on giving you more screen time.

You proved you could hold your own against Bette Davis in All About Eve. You were Davis’ assistant, Birdie, a no-nonsense woman who gave Davis good advice that she airily dismissed. Davis was the star, Thelma, but you kept the movie grounded and we relied upon you to give us perspective.

Our favourite movie of yours is The Mating Season. Here you were Ellen McNulty, the unsophisticated hamburger-flipping mother of John Lund, who marries rich society girl Gene Tierney. You were completely credible in the unusual situation the character finds herself in, and you proved you could pull the rug out from under famed scene-stealer Miriam Hopkins.

Alfred Hitchock needed you as the no-nonsense nurse, Stella, in Rear Window. There had to be a character telling wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart to mind his own business, and to remind the audience that there was a big world outside of Stewart’s claustrophobic environment.

Thelma, you went all-out as the perpetually hung-over Alma in the romantic comedy Pillow Talk. You were Doris Day’s maid, but in your scenes together, Day’s impressive comedic talents seemed pale compared to yours. Your performance is so funny we find we’re constantly clicking the re-wind button. How could you say some of those lines and not be doubled over with laughter?

We liked you in The Misfits, but truthfully we’re annoyed that you were written out of the script too early. Here you were Marilyn Monroe’s friend, telling her to cool her jets with aging Clark Gable. It’s a magnificent, serious film, but it feels somehow wanting with your character’s early exit.

You also appeared on radio and television. It was in 1969, shortly after you taped an appearance on The Jerry Lewis Show, that you suffered a heart attack from which you did not recover.

Thelma, you knew what it meant to be in the movies. You knew that audiences expected charisma and perfection, and you gave it to us. Thank you for that, and for giving us some of the most enjoyable moments on film.

Thank You, Modern Alice

Look what Modern Alice just gave us!

And who is Modern Alice? She is one of our fave bloggers who writes about a variety of fun things, but it is her food blogs – scrumptious treats made with everyday ingredients – that get us drooling.

In accordance with the rules of this award, here are seven things that you were probably dying to know about us:

  1. We eat the raspberries in other people’s gardens. If you grow raspberries, be warned: We always help ourselves, even if we’ve been told that The Raspberries Are For Jam.
  2. We have a fat goldfish, and we mean fat. On-the-verge-of-exploding fat. There used to be four goldfish in our aquarium, but the other three mysteriously vanished.
  3. We own an authentic Soviet Army standard issue winter hat. It’s probably the warmest hat ever made; you really can’t bear it on your head for more than 40 seconds.
  4. We are unable to grow proper flowers. Flowers dislike us and we try not to think about it.
  5. We’ve learned to squish spiders with our bare hands. No flyswatter or tissue or shoe. Hand + Spider = Squish. We are not proud of this skill.
  6. We sneak cut-up apples to a forlorn brown pony who lives near our relatives. (Whew! We are happy to get that off our chest. You wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve nearly been busted.)
  7. We don’t ever plan to review the movie Casablanca, even though we’ve seen it 93 times.

We are supposed to nominate other bloggers for this award, but most of the excellent blogs we follow have already been nominated. So we will forego that idea for now, until we think up our own Blog Awards.

Thank You, CMBA

To Members of the Classic Movie Blog Association:

Thank you for voting SilverScreenings as a member of CMBA. I’m thrilled to become part of the association, and to have the opportunity to share a passion for classic film with other like-minded movie buffs.

Thanks again!

—R.A. Kerr