Film Noir · Gangster

White Heat (1949)

“I made it, Ma! Top of the world!” This is the tragedy of the legendary movie line: it looms larger than its context. When you hear the line delivered in the original movie, you can’t help but snicker because you’ve seen it parodied a million times. And therein, they say, lies the tragedy. The “Top… Continue reading White Heat (1949)

Comedy · Gangster

The Little Giant (1933)

We love how Edward G. Robinson says the word “coppers”. He spits it out, with contempt, like a swear word. Now, you should know that we simply adore Edward G. Robinson and we won’t hear a negative word against him. We think he’s the greatest thing since gourmet chocolate sauce. In the The Little Giant, Robinson… Continue reading The Little Giant (1933)


All the King’s Men (1949)

Don’t you love movies that restore your faith in humanity? Well, this ain’t one of them. Here is a story of an unpolished, uneducated hick, Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford), who becomes a very, very powerful state governor. He acquires this power the usual way – by crushing other people. Some of the wreckage he leaves… Continue reading All the King’s Men (1949)


Follow the Fleet (1936)

If you’ve wondered if Randolph Scott was ever young, the answer is “yes”. Need proof? Follow the Fleet is a completely unrealistic but delightful story about dancing sailors meeting musical women and the ensuing chaos. There’s all kinds of mayhem that ends in the sailors staging a big fundraising show. The film opens with a young Scott (as… Continue reading Follow the Fleet (1936)

Don't Bother

Honeymoon Hotel (1964)

We can’t believe we watched this entire movie. Did we say “watched”? We were fascinated by it. Every aspect was mesmerizing: Robert Goulet, with his slicked-back hair and oily demeanor. The weird dance sequence by Nancy Kwan that occurs without warning and for no particular reason. Keenan Wynn, who is always so much fun as the hypocritical… Continue reading Honeymoon Hotel (1964)


The Browning Version (1951)

Warning: Do not see this movie without tissue, and never ever see it if you’re feeling down. We know you won’t believe us when you do start to watch it. The language is about as stuffy as it gets, and the main character seems intolerably rigid and insensitive. It’s an old British movie, after all;… Continue reading The Browning Version (1951)