Film Noir

How to Outsmart Yourself

*Spoiler alert. We are not smirking. Really. We’re not. Okay, okay. We are smirking because we’ve just watched Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rope for the twelfth time. We never tire of this movie. We love it when smug, arrogant people get their come-uppance. And we love that Hollywood – itself rather smug and arrogant – knows exactly how to sucker punch… Continue reading How to Outsmart Yourself


The Smackdown of Miss Gulch

That Miss Gulch must be one twisted person. How could anyone have it in for Toto, the wee canine hero of The Wizard of Oz? Look at him trotting after Dorothy (Judy Garland) and listening rapturously as she sings to farm equipment. Are we really to believe that this is a dog who digs in Miss Gulch’s… Continue reading The Smackdown of Miss Gulch


The Naked Spur (1953)

We simply cannot believe this! Get our agent on the phone! We are are terribly dismayed to discover that the movie, The Naked Spur, features Robert Ryan – one of our all-time favourite movie bad guys – and we’ve never heard of this movie! Ever!! Adding to our embarrassment, this happens to be one of Ryan’s best performances. Ryan… Continue reading The Naked Spur (1953)

Adventure · Don't Bother

Treasure Island (1934)

Many things in this movie disturb us. People being run over by carriages or falling from a ship’s mast are one thing, but who told Lionel Barrymore to sing? Is Wallace Beery‘s hair real? Why does Jackie Cooper talk like Shirley Temple? And why is this movie so boring? We know, we know. Treasure Island… Continue reading Treasure Island (1934)


Father of the Bride (1950)

True: Every time we see a Spencer Tracy movie, we nod and say, “That’s why he’s Spencer Tracy.” Here, look at the opening scene of the beautifully-filmed Father of the Bride. Tracy sits in an easy chair in the midst of a glorious après-wedding mess. He casually rubs one foot and begins his direct-to-camera monologue with,… Continue reading Father of the Bride (1950)