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Let This be a Lesson, Kids

Sometimes we feel life would be better if liars’ pants did catch on fire. Wouldn’t that be handy! Instead of listening to absurd protestations of innocence by a patently guilty party, we could simply point to the fibber’s roasty pants as proof of their deceit. But, until someone perfects that little party trick, we must… Continue reading Let This be a Lesson, Kids


Inherit the Wind

First things first: we are not getting embroiled in the creation vs. evolution debate. However, you yourself might want to dive into this timeless dinner-party topic after viewing the movie, Inherit the Wind. This 1960 drama is based on the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, in which schoolteacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution. However,… Continue reading Inherit the Wind

Film Noir

How to Get Away with Murder (sort of)

Oh boy! Do we ever love how this movie begins. Scene: Night at a rubber plantation near Singapore. The camera lazily pans across the sleepy plantation… Suddenly: A gunshot. A man staggers through the front door of a house, followed by a grim-looking Bette Davis, steadily firing a pistol. Six bullets she puts in the… Continue reading How to Get Away with Murder (sort of)

Don't Bother

Wallowing Becomes Electra

Gentle Reader, if you adore Eugene O’Neill and/or Greek Tragedies, please do not read any further. We try to like Eugene O’Neill and the Greek Tragedies – we really do – but, sadly, the merits of each are wasted on us. Such is the case in O’Neill’s play-become-film, Mourning Becomes Electra. Here is the exquisitely-titled but dreary tale about… Continue reading Wallowing Becomes Electra