This Old Thing? It’s Just Givenchy

True or False: If you owned a fabulous lemon-yellow Givenchy suit, you would wear it when robbing a bank. Or, perhaps, like us, you would have to rob a bank in order to obtain the Givenchy suit. We’ve been pondering this Deep Question ever since we saw Penelope, a comedy about a neglected wife (Natalie… Continue reading This Old Thing? It’s Just Givenchy


Wartime Spies on Vacation

The best way to spread a rumour is to take someone into your confidence and swear them to secrecy. Because who can keep quiet when they’ve got a really juicy tidbit they’re bursting to share? This don’t-tell-anybody-but-make-sure-you-tell-everybody ploy is a trick James Mason uses in the British war-time thriller Hotel Reserve (1945). Mason is a happy… Continue reading Wartime Spies on Vacation


A Word About Garbo’s Hat

We want to show you something remarkable about the comedy Ninotchka. Much has been said about this movie, one of the great films from Hollywood’s Golden Year (1939). For example, there are all the witty lines. In one scene, the delightful Ina Claire says to her mirror: “I’m so bored with this face. … Oh well, I… Continue reading A Word About Garbo’s Hat