Adventure in the High Antarctic

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure that tests you so thoroughly you don’t know if you’ll come through it intact? That type of experience never puts us in a cheery mood. We would much rather watch these types of undertakings from the comfort of our living room. For example, look at the… Continue reading Adventure in the High Antarctic


Everyone’s a Winner with Auntie Mame

This post is part of a Book-to-Film Series hosted by the fabulous Lindsey at The Motion Pictures. The series runs until June 30. It is hard to imagine a family relative more flamboyant than Rosalind Russell in the legendary 1958 comedy Auntie Mame. Briefly: Auntie Mame is about an orphaned boy (Jan Handzlik) who is shipped to Manhattan to live… Continue reading Everyone’s a Winner with Auntie Mame


This Kind of Trouble is Lots of Fun

The trouble with running a church-funded college is you have to follow the rules. This can be dreadfully inconvenient. Take fundraising, for instance. If your school is losing money and facing imminent closure, you’ve gotta raise some fast cash. But how is a clergyman to do this when the quickest ways to raise money are… Continue reading This Kind of Trouble is Lots of Fun