John Wayne Upgrades the U.S. Navy

This post is part of the 2012 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, hosted by the lovely and talented ScribeHard on Film and Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence. This blogathon runs every day in August. No one can do John Wayne like John Wayne. Sure, a lot of people can impersonate The Duke, but no one delivers a… Continue reading John Wayne Upgrades the U.S. Navy


The Politics of the Front Page

How does Adolphe Menjou do it? How is he able to portray a manipulative, callous backstabber and still be likable? Why do you almost want to cheer for this cold-hearted lizard? We marvel over this every time we see a Menjou film, but we’re really wondering about it since we’ve seen The Front Page, a 1931… Continue reading The Politics of the Front Page

Comedy · Drama

Geraldine Page’s Lonely Heart

We are rather peeved. We’ve just finished viewing the 1964 comedy Dear Heart and are shocked – shocked! – to discover Geraldine Page was not nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. Dear Heart centers around two strangers who happen to stay at the same hotel in New York. Evie Jackson (Page) is a bordering-on-middle-age… Continue reading Geraldine Page’s Lonely Heart


A New Perspective of a Difficult History

Sometimes Hollywood really did try. The major studios made millions from portraying Native Americans as primitive warmongers with bad aim, but once in a while they made a movie that tried to correct the stereotype – if somewhat clumsily. They Rode West is a 1954 western set in the American midwest circa 1870. It examines… Continue reading A New Perspective of a Difficult History

Film Noir

Too Late for Tears

This post is part of the Best Hitchcock Films Hitchcock Never Made Blogathon, hosted by Tales of the Easily Distracted and Classic Becky’s Brain Food. It runs from July 7-13. Have you ever rented a locker at the bus station to hide stolen money? On second thought, don’t tell us. We’d rather plead ignorance if it ever… Continue reading Too Late for Tears