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Whee! Here’s an exciting announcement courtesy of Kristina at Speakeasy:

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

So said one of the greatest movie villains ever, but many classic films have convinced us quite thoroughly that evil does indeed exist, and usually in the form of a compelling, riveting, powerful character, a villain brought to life by superb writing and acting, then seared into the memory of movie fans.

And so we announce that you are cordially invited to participate in the Great Villain Blogathon, a celebration, an examination, a rumination on your choice of classic movie menace, whether monster or family member. Whether human, fantastical, alien, mineral or animal, whether on horseback or spaceship, clad in toga, trenchcoat or cardigan, whether mantrap, mild mannered or commanding vast armies, write up a post on your favorite movie baddie, doer of dastardly deeds or offender of moral order.

Your co-hosts in this exploration of villainy are:

Ruth of Silver Screenings  925screenings [at] gmail.com

Karen of Shadows & Satin  thedarkpages [at] yahoo.com

Kristina of Speakeasy  mail.speakeasy [at] yahoo.com

If you wish to take part, please leave a comment or send an email, help yourself to one of these banners to paste up on your blog, and prepare to share who you think is filmdom’s worst.

This event will unfold over the week of APRIL 20 – 26, 2014, so if you want to post on a certain day make sure to mention that, otherwise you will be assigned a date.

Here’s the lineup so far:


Shadows and Satin Dan Duryea / Scarlet Street 4/20/2014
movies, silently Mabuse / Dr Mabuse the Gambler 4/20/2014
Moon in Gemini Waldo Lydecker / Laura 4/20/2014
Stardust Porter Hall as Herbert MacCaulay / The Thin Man 4/20/2014
I Love Terrible Movies Mocata (Charles Gray) / The Devil Rides Out 4/20/2014
Captian Video Ming the Merciless/Flash Gordon movies x3 4/20/2014
Speakeasy Henry Fonda / Once Upon a Time in the West 4/21/2014
Lasso the Movies Maleficent / Sleeping Beauty 4/21/2014
Film Grimoire Death / The Seventh Seal 4/21/2014
Girls Do Film Margaret Hamilton / The Wizard of Oz 4/21/2014
OCD Viewer Kjell Nilsson / The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) 4/21/2014
Claytonology Rasputin in Nicholas & Alexandra + Rasputin & the Empress 4/21/2014
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Henry Brandon / Babes in Toyland & Our Gang Follies of 1936 4/22/2014
The Cinematic Packrat Child Catcher / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 4/22/2014
Caftan Woman Andrea Spedding / The Spider Woman 4/22/2014
Hard Boiled Girl Richard Widmark / Kiss of Death 4/22/2014
Mildred’s Fatburgers Geraldine Fitzgerald / Three Strangers 4/22/2014
They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To Steve Cochran / Private Hell 36 4/22/2014
The Deja Reveiwer Dick Jones and Clarence Boddicker /RoboCop, Loki /The Avengers, Bob Parr’s boss /The Incredibles, The Grim Reaper /Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, The Wet Bandits /Home Alone, Greedo /Star Wars, the Corleones /The Godfather Part II 4/22/2014
Mike’s Take on the Movies Eli Wallach / The Magnificent Seven 4/23/2014
Once Upon a Screen Lionel Barrymore / It’s a Wonderful Life 4/23/2014
Movie Lottery Bela Lugosi / The Human Monster 4/23/2014
Film: Take as Directed Gary Oldman / Léon 4/23/2014
Unrequited Love Satan / The Exorcist 4/23/2014
CJC Leach The Ring / Lord of the Rings 4/23/2014
Film Fare Cary Grant / Suspicion (as per Hitchcock’s intent) 4/24/2014
Silver Screenings Angela Lansbury/The Manchurian Candidate 4/24/2014
Old Movies Nostalgia Orson Welles / The Third Man 4/24/2014
A Shroud of Thoughts Henry Frankenstein in the Hammer Films 4/24/2014
Let’s Go to the Movies The Joker / The Dark Knight 4/24/2014
Speakeasy Terence Stamp / Superman II 4/25/2014
A Small Press Life Gene Tierney / Leave Her to Heaven 4/25/2014
Marlee Walters Moriarity Incarnations 4/25/2014
Portraits by Jenni Conrad Veidt / A Woman’s Face 4/25/2014
Movie Classics Laurence Olivier / Richard III 4/25/2014
The Great Baz Necessity of Villains featuring Basil Rathbone 4/25/2014
Shadows and Satin Clark Gable / Night Nurse 4/26/2014
Tales of the Easily Distracted Anthony Perkins / Psycho 4/26/2014
Once Upon a Screen Mitchum / Cape Fear ‘vs’ Night of the Hunter 4/26/2014
Outspoken & Freckled Orson Welles / The Stranger 4/26/2014
Motion Picture Gems Robert Ryan / Billy Budd 4/26/2014
Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence Claude Rains / Notorious 4/26/2014
Two Heads are Better Than One Raymond Burr / Rear Window 4/26/2014
Frisco Kid at the Movies Al Pacino/ Devil’s Advocate 4/26/2014
The Cinematika Dennis Hopper / Blue Velvet 4/26/2014
Classic Movie Man Joseph Cotten / Shadow of a Doubt
furious cinema Rutger Hauer / The Hitcher
The Vintage Cameo Bette Davis / Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Destroy All Fanboys Ann Savage/ Detour
Viking Samurai Peter Sellers/Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
Journeys in Classic Film Terence Stamp / The Collector
Critica Retro Peter Lorre / The Man Who Knew too Much
Nitrate Diva Robert Montgomery / Night Must Fall
Virtual Virago Laird Cregar / Hangover Square
Forgotten Films Butch & The Woim /Our Gang
Forgotten Films William Zabka / The Karate Kid, Back to School, Just One of the Guys
Carole & co C. Aubrey Smith / No More Orchids
Classic Movie Gab Broderick Crawford / All the King’s Men
The Last Drive In Gloria Holden + Gloria Swanson as sympathetic anti-heroes
The Last Drive In James Caan / Lady in a Cage
The Midnight Palace Olga Baclanova / Freaks
1001 Movies I (Apparently) MUST See Before I Die David Carradine / Kill Bill
The Laydee Eve Robert Walker / Strangers on a Train
Faded Video Labels Orson Welles / Touch of Evil
Twenty Four Frames Michael Powell / Peeping Tom
The Girl with the White Parasol Vincent Price/ Dragonwyck
The Man on the Flying Trapeze Otto Kruger / Saboteur
Cary Grant Won’t Eat You Charles Boyer / Gaslight
Mildred’s Fatburgers Anton Walbrook / Gaslight (original version)
Dan Michael Gough / Konga
Judith Anderson / Rebecca
Silver Scenes Professor Fate / The Great Race
The Joy & Agony of Movies John Huston / Chinatown & Al Pacino / The Godfather, Pt 2
Mad Woman and Muses Bette Davis / The Little Foxes
The Great Katharine Hepburn Disney villainesses
Pre-Code.com Imhotep / The Mummy
Movie Fanfare 1966 Batman movie/ Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, Lee Meriwether and Cesar Romero 4/25/2014

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

163 Comment on “Announcing the Great Villain Blogathon!

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