Anouncing the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon


It’s ba-a-ack! The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon is coming at the end of June! Hooray!

Fritzi at Movies, Silently is the mastermind behind this event, and is co-hosted by yours truly and the fab Aurora at Once Upon a Screen.

Here’s the announcement (and banners) designed by Fritzi (insert drum roll):

Announcement: The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon (2015)

We believe that there is a little bit of the historian in every classic movie fan. After all, we love films that were made before we were born and, in some cases, before our parents or grandparents were born. Here is our chance to combine our love of classic film with our passion for history.

Last time, we divided the history of film into individual years with each blogger claiming one year to cover. While this method was thorough, it left some talented writers out in the cold. You see, every single slot was snapped up in just 36 hours. This time, we are taking a looser approach, one that will allow more participants to help make this event memorable, educational and fun.

We have divided the history of film from 1880 to 1975 between us. Fritzi is your Silent Era host and will be covering 1880-1929. Aurora is our Golden Age host and will be covering 1930-1952. Ruth is our Swingin’ host and will be covering 1953-1975. We have divided our year ranges into bite-size sections. Pick your bite, tell us your angle and you’re in like Flynn!

What about duplicates?

While no exact duplicates are allowed, the topic is so broad that we are sure you will find an angle that works for you. For example, if someone is covering Rebel Without a Cause, you might cover the overall career of James Dean. That being said, if there is a section that looks a little empty, we would greatly appreciate you stepping up and making sure there are no gaps in the event.

Do I have to stay in Hollywood?

No! International cinema is welcome and encouraged. While our date ranges are based on Hollywood history, please feel free to cover cinema from any nation 1880-1975.

Can I still cover a particular year?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that your angle is different from everyone else’s. For example, if someone is already writing about why 1939 is such a great year, you might write about the Academy Award winners of ’39 or choose to focus on individual films.

Wow! I’m so excited that I can’t choose just one topic! Can I write in more than one category?

Yes! If you would like to take on extra categories and date ranges, please feel free to do so.

Do you only accept blog posts or can I get imaginative?

You can get imaginative. Pictorials, videos, podcasts and other multimedia items are allowed.

How do I join?

Contact any of your friendly hosts and we will add you to the roster. Please be sure to include the address of your blog, the section you have chosen and the title or general nature of your topic.


Hello! I would like to join in the 1880-1895 category. I want to cover Fred Ott’s Sneeze. My blog address is

When do I post?

We will each be hosting one day of the event in chronological order. Fritzi will be first, Aurora second and Ruth will wrap things up.

So grab yourself a banner and get ready for a historically good time!

You can view the complete roster HERE.








  1. Ooh what fun! I’d like to cover Wartime Cinema 1945-50, with a focus on three films nominated for multiple Academy Awards: Gentleman’s Agreement, Crossfire, and A Double Life. My focus will be on Jewish America, Hollywood, and the Holocaust.


  2. Ruth, I’ve been crowded with other commitments and family issues lately , but at least we of Team Bartilucci will be glad to help with Aurora Citizen Screen rooting for you, and we will be rooting to on the sidelines with a bet! We’ a banner for you, my friend! You go, gals! 😀


  3. Oh boy, I’ve been hoping y’all would be back this year!

    My first swing at an idea, for the Golden Age**: Comparing the two anti-Nazi comedies of 1942, The Great Dictator and To Be or Not to Be. My address:

    **I may change topics, but if so I’ll do it within a day or two…

    Fantastic banners, btw!


  4. Hi Ruth! I would just LOVE to participate, and you are the hostess with the mostess with the era I want. My idea is to do 2 or 3 films made in 1969. I’ve never done a modern classic on my blog, and look forward to it. I will definitely do Midnight Cowboy, and may add in The Sterile Cuckoo and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? So if it’s OK, I want to do Midnight Cowboy, and will ask you about doing the other 2 or different ones. I’m really excited about it!


  5. Great!!! I think I’d like work on a topic titled – “1966: The Year dubbed as Nineteen Sexty Sex”
    What do you think? Of course this topic shall be focused mainly on the films that were released that year, but also shall deal with the sexual revolution of time.
    P:S: This is a whole decade before I came into existence.
    Boy! I’ll have a lot of research work to do now.


  6. Hi, Ruth! Really excited to be participating in the blogathon again this year. Fritzi wanted me to mention to you that I may do a multi-part post (depending on time, and how many movies on my subject I manage to see by the deadline), and I may extend to just before and/or after that time snippet (that is, include movies from 1963-67 and 1973-75), if that’s okay.


  7. Hi there! My blog is currently listed as “My Thoughts on Politics, Culture, and Everything Else.” Could you possibly change that to “Queerly Different,” as that is the blog I will be posting from? Many thanks!



    • Oh, and also, could we possibly add a Part 2 somewhere in the section from 1950-1960? I was thinking the first installment would do the Rise (starting with Samson and Delilah), the second would do the Apogee (basically Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments), and the third would chronicle the fall (Cleopatra, Fall of the Roman Empire, etc.) Let me know what you think!



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