Classic Movie History Project Blogathon: Modern Era

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Welcome to the swanky Modern Era of the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon (a.k.a. FREE Film History classes). Our partners in crime (Fritzi and Aurora) have already covered the Silent Era and the Golden Age, so be sure to swing by their sites for more movie history knowledge.


Thanks to Flicker Alley for sponsoring and promoting this event. They have two historical (and historic!) new releases: a gorgeous restored Blu-ray of Dziga Vertov’s most famous works and an eye-popping collection of vintage 3D Rarities. You can win the 3D Rarities collection too. (Details here.)

The Modern Era is controversial. Some folks feel the classic movie era ended in 1967 with the abandonment of the Production Code, but we (as in, yours truly) feel the definition of “classic” is more fluid. Luckily, we’re in good company because just look at the fabulous posts below!

(Note: This page will be updated as new posts are uploaded. If you aren’t able to upload until later in the day or even tomorrow, don’t sweat it. We’ll make sure you’re included.)

1953-1957 • Rebels with and without causes:
The birth of cool

giphyMovie Mania Madness • ‘It’s Always Fair Weather,’ Except When It’s Not: The Musical Gets Cynical

Silver Scenes • 3-D Films of the 1950s

Back to Golden Days • Juvenile Delinquency in Mid-1950s Cinema

Queerly Different • The Rise and Fall of the Biblical Epic Part Two (1956-1960)

Silver Screenings • Better Living Through 3D Living: A Review of 3-D Rarities

Voyages Extraordinaires • Scientific Romances in the Atomic Age

Let’s Go To The Movies • Cinematic Romances of the 1950s

Movies, Silently • After the Silents: A Face in the Crowd

Totally Filmi • The Apu Trilogy

1958-1962 • A little song, a little dance,
a lot of people with no pants:
Musicals, biblical epics and the shimmy-shimmy shakes


Paula’s Cinema Club • Roger Corman: Rebel and Pioneer, by Jack Deth

Queerly Different • The Rise and Fall of the Biblical Epic Part Three (1961-1966)

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You • Mad Men Meets Sex and the City: The Best of Everything

A Shroud of Thoughts • The British New Wave

Jim Fanning’s Tulgey Wood • Wondrous To See: The Widescreen Splendor of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

1963-1967 • Mod’s the word:
And then things started to swing


The Last Drive In • The 1960s: The Bold & the Beautiful (1960-69)

Reel and Rock • Sex and Sensibility: “The Girl-Getters” is the Lost Classic of British Beat Cinema

That Other Critic • Why Adam West is the Perfect Batman

No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen • 1966: The Year dubbed as Nineteen Sexty Sex

The Wonderful World of Cinema • 1967 in Films

1968-1972 • Hays is dead:
The end of the Code


Le Mot du Cinephiliaque • The Year 1968 in France’s Cinema

The Moon in Gemini • Put on Your Tin Foil Hats: Paranoia in 60s & 70s Films

The Joy and Agony of Movies • Politics and Unrest in Cinema in the Vietnam Era – Introduction

The Joy and Agony of Movies • Politics and Unrest in Cinema in the Vietnam Era – Part 1: Looking for America

The Joy and Agony of Movies • Politics and Unrest in Cinema in the Vietnam Era – Part 2: Costa-Gavras, Godard, and the Others

The Joy and Agony of Movies • Politics and Unrest in Cinema in the Vietnam Era – Part 3: The Documentaries

Girls Do Film • Easy Rider: Freedom, Escape and the Open Road

1972-1975 • The Godfather and Jaws:
Auteur films and the modern blockbuster


Once Upon a Screen • Mel Brooks and Classic Movie Genres

Crimson Kimono • The Surveillance Sleuth of 1974’s The Conversation

Thanks to all our contributors, who have worked so hard on these fab posts and helped make the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon a tremendous success.

Here’s to you!





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