Well, this is a bit embarrassing.

A few lovely bloggers have nominated us for blogging awards in the past two years, and we’re only just now thanking them.

With the hope that this really is Better Late Than Never, we would like to honour these fab folks. (If you haven’t already visited their blogs, you ought to treat yourself.)

Realweegiemidget is a versatile, smart, and funny writer. Her personality sparkles in her reviews, in the same way Classic Hollywood actress Jean Arthur shone in her films.

Extra Life makes you think about film in new ways, much like movie producer/director Orson Welles did, and he has a way of adding dozens of titles to your Must Watch List.

The Classic Movie Muse is one of those who brings Old Hollywood glamour to the web. Spending time on her site is like watching a vintage Audrey Hepburn movie.

I Found It at the Movies is witty and observant – almost nothing gets past her. She’s also terrific fun, much like the couple in The Thin Man series, Nick and Nora Charles.

The writers at PEPS have vision, scope, and a passion for history. Their enthusiasm in tackling big projects reminds us of Classic Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille.

Taking Up Room is always a treat. She’s entertaining and astute, and it’s a pleasure to read her thoughts. Her essays remind us of cheeky author/screenwriter Anita Loos.

Silver Screen Classics makes you feel like a real Smarty Pants. He brings a scholar’s background to his wonderful film reviews, in the same vein as film critic/historian David Thomson.

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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