#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Apéritif

Thanks to everyone who joined the Food in Film Blogathon. It was a terrific feast filled with wonderful treats (as we knew it would be). Thanks to bloggers who showed us new ways to look at food – and films we thought we knew. Thanks to readers for stopping by and spending time with us.… Continue reading #FoodinFilm Blogathon – Apéritif

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#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 3

Originally posted on Speakeasy:
Today we are really pigging out, with foods that are sweet, fluffy, scandalous and literally killer! Bloggers: If we missed your post in today’s roundup, don’t think the lunch truck has passed you by. Tomorrow we’ll have one last recap. Until then, dig into today’s spread. Sarah Brentyn: The Breakfast Club (1985) …


#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 2

Originally posted on Speakeasy:
Today’s entries span the globe and range from the ultimate New Year’s Eve menu, to Italian restaurants, to ramen and fast food –something for every taste! Bloggers: If we missed your post in this roundup, don’t worry. You’ll find it on tomorrow’s menu. Until then, dig in to today’s entrees. Buon…

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New Year’s Eve: Party Like it’s 1939

Dear Reader, we know you’re the glam type of socialite during the Holiday Season. You are In Demand, and we’re here to Help. In fact, if you plan to capture the epicurean flavour of the 1930s this season, let us look to the 1939 comedy, Bachelor Mother. We’ve written about this film before, about its… Continue reading New Year’s Eve: Party Like it’s 1939


#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 1

There’ll be no dieting this weekend. Your entries in the Food in Film Blogathon are making it impossible to count calories – we’re throwing caution to the wind! Today’s posts include tasty recipes and delicious reviews of movies featuring food. You won’t want to miss any of these entries. Bloggers: If we missed your post… Continue reading #FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 1


The #FoodinFilm Blogathon Starts Friday!

We’re looking forward to a big feast with the #FoodinFilm Blogathon, starting this Friday (November 3). It’s not too late to join in the fun – click HERE to RSVP. We’re not posting a schedule, but we will upload the Daily Specials each evening. So join us any day you like! Click HERE for the list… Continue reading The #FoodinFilm Blogathon Starts Friday!

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When a Narcissist Falls in Love

When Paula’s Cinema Club disses a movie, we pay attention. So when she wrote a less-than-glowing review of The Constant Nymph (1943), we couldn’t wait to see this film. It can’t be that bad, we thought. It is. Here’s the basic premise: Charles Boyer plays a narcissistic Swiss musician who marries Alexis Smith, the wealthy niece of a… Continue reading When a Narcissist Falls in Love

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To Katharine Hepburn, from a Reluctant Admirer

Dear Katharine Hepburn: It took us (as in, yours truly) a long time to acknowledge your talent. You see, you struck us as patrician and not a little self-important. We thought your manner and accent were affected, and we didn’t feel your performances exuded warmth. (Example: The Philadelphia Story.) Admittedly, we had not seen many… Continue reading To Katharine Hepburn, from a Reluctant Admirer

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Who on Earth is Dolores del Río, and Why is She in a Hollywood Mural?

If you find yourself wandering around Hollywood, you might come across this: …located here: It’s a tribute to actress Dolores del Río: …who, in the 1920s, was the first major Hollywood movie star from Mexico. She became a film actress at the age of 21 when she and her first husband, Jamie del Río, moved… Continue reading Who on Earth is Dolores del Río, and Why is She in a Hollywood Mural?


The Brilliance of the 1930s Warner Bros. Gangster Movie

Almost nobody made better gangster films than Warner Bros. in the 1930s. The studio ground out these movies on notoriously economical budgets. The films were gritty and smart, featuring characters who talked in a machine-gun staccato and dispensed canny observations: “Whenever mugs get into a jam, the first thing they do is start knocking each… Continue reading The Brilliance of the 1930s Warner Bros. Gangster Movie