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Guest Post: To the Person Who Dissed Director Ida Lupino on Social Media

Well, look at us! We were invited to contribute a guest post on Cine Suffragette, a site that discusses female filmmakers. It’s a terrific site with thought-provoking articles. You can check it out HERE. Our guest post on director Ida Lupino is HERE. View story at Advertisements


Why Do We Have the Oscars?

No one can say for certain who gave the name “Oscar” to the Academy Awards statuette. Bette Davis said it was she, because it reminded her of then-husband Harmon O. (Oscar) Nelson. Some say the Academy librarian, Margaret Herrick, named it after her Uncle Oscar. Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky says he named the statuette Oscar… Continue reading Why Do We Have the Oscars?

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Canadian Stereotypes from Classic Hollywood Film

Disclosure #1: As we write this post, in which we intended to rant about old Hollywood portraying Canada as a vast sheet of snow and ice, we realized that outside our window is, for now, a vast sheet of snow and ice. So, er…never mind. Disclosure #2: Our favourite Canadian historian is Pierre Berton (1920-2004).… Continue reading Canadian Stereotypes from Classic Hollywood Film


Announcing The Lon Chaney Sr Blogathon

Originally posted on Maddy Loves Her Classic Films:
Good morning to you all. Guess what? You are all invited to participate in yet another blogathon.  🙂  This year would have been the 135th birthday of the actor Lon Chaney Sr. To mark Lon’s 135th anniversary, myself and Ruth of Silver Screenings are inviting you all…


#OCanada Blogathon – Wrap-up

Originally posted on Speakeasy:
Unlike Canadian winters, the great #OCanada Blogathon is short, fun and goes by way too fast. Ruth and I want to thank all the bloggers who took part and everyone who did the blog hop to read and then share all these fine posts celebrating Canada’s cinema, tv, creatives and familiar…


#OCanada Blogathon – Day 3 Recap

Hoo-wee! It’s been a wild Day 3 here at the #OCanada Blogathon. We’re talking films about wild men and women in the wilderness, eerie supernatural phenomenon, and societal expectations. It doesn’t get much better than this. Bloggers: If we missed you today, don’t worry. We’ll include you in tomorrow’s wind-up post, brought to you by… Continue reading #OCanada Blogathon – Day 3 Recap


#OCanada Blogathon – Day 2 Recap

Originally posted on Speakeasy:
It’s time to roll up the rim and see what we get on day 2 of the #OCanada Blogathon. Today’s posts cover some very familiar faces, places and essential classic films. Bloggers: If we missed you today, don’t worry. You’ll be included in tomorrow’s recap. Now please enjoy today’s fascinating entries…


#OCanada Blogathon – Day 1 Recap

Hooray for Canada! The first day of the #OCanada Blogathon features terrific reviews of films from a variety of genres, including romance, adventure, drama and horror – films as varied as Canada itself. Other entries focus the careers of some famous and talented Canadians. Bloggers: If we missed you today, don’t worry. We’ll include you… Continue reading #OCanada Blogathon – Day 1 Recap


The #OCanada Blogathon Starts Friday!

Get Ready: The event that’s as big as The Junos or the Governor General’s Awards is almost here! The O Canada Blogathon (February 9-11) celebrates Canada’s remarkable contributions to film, and it all starts this Friday. It’s not too late to join us! Click HERE for blogathon details and topic suggestions. Although we’re not posting a… Continue reading The #OCanada Blogathon Starts Friday!


Buster Keaton and the Hard Work of Failure

Have you ever worked really hard at something, only to see it fail? We (as in, yours truly) have racked up loads of spectacular failures. Some were easy, while others required herculean effort. That’s why we admire Buster Keaton‘s character in College (1927). Keaton plays a bookish college freshman who tries to join a college… Continue reading Buster Keaton and the Hard Work of Failure