Buster Keaton in The Cameraman (1928). Image:

We adore old movies.

Old movies are good for you, like chocolate éclairs or a trip to the spa. You should never let a week go by without enjoying at least one of these.

Our purpose with this blog is to sell you on these older films, to show you why they’re so entertaining. We’re not offering an in-depth analysis of these films and their effect on society. We’re just in it for the fun.

We hope you’ll come to love these old movies as much as we do.

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Bonus Trivia: Silver Screenings is the name of a fictional movie-fan magazine featured in the delightful 1922 novel, Merton of the Movies, by Harry Leon Wilson.

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We believe the images on this website fall under Fair Use, yet we try to give credit for images whenever we can.

If you feel we are violating copyright with any one of these images, please let us know.

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Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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