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Starring Joan Crawford, as France

You know those unpleasant times in life, such medical issues, the loss of a loved one, or a parade of rotten luck? Of course you do, and we’re guessing you went on with life anyway, determined to not let circumstances Break You. But when a minor setback occurs, such as misplacing keys or spilling a… Continue reading Starring Joan Crawford, as France


Announcing the “Dual Roles Blogathon: One Actor ~ Multiple Roles”

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There is something particularly riveting about watching a film where an actor plays more than one role. Ronald Colman in The Prisoner of Zenda, Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap, Michael J. Fox in the three Back to the Future films. Even Ginger Rogers in The Major and the Minor. It is that combination of…

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It’s Awards Season!

Well, just look at us. We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award! Before we get carried away with champagne and confetti, we wish to thank the bloggers who nominated us. They are a group of dedicated movie lovers, and there are many things to admire about each of their blogs. You should go see them. Here they are:… Continue reading It’s Awards Season!

Comedy · Horror

The Old Dark House Sucker Punch

It’s always fun and games until someone loses an eye. That’s the lesson of The Old Dark House (1932), a comedy-horror flick about – you guessed it – a group of people stranded in an old dark house. The film opens on a Dark And Stormy Night as an English couple drives through a severe rainstorm and series… Continue reading The Old Dark House Sucker Punch

Drama · Historical

Life Lessons for Roman Emperors

Let’s talk about Roman Emperors. They’re often viewed as despots – and despots, by definition, are unreasonable people. They’re unwilling to accept critical feedback; they don’t like to lose, even at card games; and they treat the state treasury like a piggy bank. But if you’re a leader preoccupied with carving out your place in history, you can’t be a Nice Guy.… Continue reading Life Lessons for Roman Emperors


Announcing the Agatha Christie Blogathon!

Originally posted on Christina Wehner:
Little Bits of Classics and I are thrilled and excited to announce the Agatha Christie Blogathon – The Queen of Crime! When?  September 16th-18th Why? The inspiration for this blogathon is Domi’s of Little Bits of Classics. It is in honor of Agatha Christie’s 126th birthday on the 15th of September. Rules All…


Olivia de Havilland Visits the Snake Pit

Here is one of the most moving scenes in the 1948 drama The Snake Pit: Residents and staff of a mental hospital are attending a dance. There is a four-piece band  on stage, and chairs line the sides of the floor. Patients dance and flirt and talk with old friends. If you didn’t know these people had mental… Continue reading Olivia de Havilland Visits the Snake Pit

Comedy · Musical

The Doris Day Guide to Making Movies

Have you ever wanted to be in the movies? Once upon a time, we (as in, yours truly) wondered if we could be an actress. Sadly, our acting career went no further than the role of Concerned Citizen in a public service announcement. But in the comedy It’s a Great Feeling (1949), Doris Day plays… Continue reading The Doris Day Guide to Making Movies


Shopping for the Movie Buff

Dear Reader, you’re probably fretting about what to get us for our birthday. Fortunately we’re not difficult to shop for, especially once the online auction invaluable.com commences at the end of this month. Why are we excited about this auction? Only because approx. 1,700 vintage Hollywood items are up for sale. Never mind that the auction features this dress, worn by Lucille… Continue reading Shopping for the Movie Buff


Climbing Everest, 1950s Style

Climbing Mt Everest is a remarkable, albeit insane, accomplishment. Look at this from the British Mountaineering Council: “As of February 2014, there had been 6,871 ascents of Everest by 4,042 different climbers, meaning some climbers, most of them Sherpas, have reached the top multiple times.” Multiple times?! Summiting Everest is more common than it used to be, and… Continue reading Climbing Everest, 1950s Style