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All’s Fair in The Love War

Although we (as in, yours truly) are not the most enthusiastic supporters of television, we do feel an odd nostalgia for televised events we never witnessed, such as Elvis Presley’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, or the Apollo 11 moon landing. Another bit of TV business for which we recently developed a fondness is ABC’s… Continue reading All’s Fair in The Love War


Buster Keaton and the Important Things in Life

There is a scene in the 1928 comedy, Steamboat Bill, Jr., that beautifully showcases the genius of its star, Buster Keaton. It’s not the scene where he clings to a flying tree, or the scene where he piggybacks a girl while dangling from a rope over a ferocious river. Nay, we feel the genius of Buster Keaton is… Continue reading Buster Keaton and the Important Things in Life

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The Sidney-Poitier-as-Social-Barometer Film Theory

We’re working on a Sidney Poitier film theory. We started developing this theory while watching the 1950 thriller No Way Out, in which Poitier portrays a young doctor at a busy city hospital. As the film opens, Poitier is asked to fill a shift in the hospital prison ward, where he examines two white prisoners. The two are brothers, and are sporting gunshot wounds… Continue reading The Sidney-Poitier-as-Social-Barometer Film Theory


#OCanada Blogathon: It’s a Wrap!

It was an awesome #OCanada party! Thank you for sharing your insights and your research, as well as your interest in Canadian filmmakers. We learned a lot from you. You explored all eras and genres – from the silents to recent releases, and from comedy to horror. We’re throwing another bash next February, and we hope to… Continue reading #OCanada Blogathon: It’s a Wrap!


#OCanada Blogathon Day 3 Recap

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More great contributions on this final day of the #OCanada Blogathon! Please check out all this fine work spotlighting Canadian entertainers and their work. Bloggers: don’t worry if we didn’t include your post here, we’ll make sure to include you in tomorrow’s wrap-up post. Now enjoy today’s writing: She Who Seeks: Guy Madden’s My…


#OCanada Blogathon Day 2 Recap

It’s cold and snowy here in our part of Canada, but we’re staying warm with today’s fabulous contributions to the #OCanada Blogathon. Bloggers: If we didn’t include your post today, we’ll be sure to add it to tomorrow’s Day 3 recap, hosted by Kristina at Speakeasy. Be sure to check out these wonderful tributes to… Continue reading #OCanada Blogathon Day 2 Recap


#OCanadaBlogathon Day One Recap

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Time to kick off the 3rd annual tour of Canadian film and TV! For the next 3 days, just follow these recap posts to find all the great #OCanadaBlogathon contributions. Here are today’s entries: Silver Screenings reviews a book about 18 Young Canadians in Old Hollywood Thoughts All Sorts: The Grand Seduction (2013)  I Found it…

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Young Canadians in Old Hollywood

Dear Reader, we can tell life may not be at its most joyous right now, and that you need some Canadiana to cheer you up. Here’s something for you: Stardust and Shadows: Canadians in Early Hollywood, a book that discusses the contributions of 18 influential Canadians in fledgling Hollywood. Now, you may be asking – and rightly so –… Continue reading Young Canadians in Old Hollywood


#OCanada Blogathon Starts Friday!

Winter’s hottest blogathon is almost here! The O Canada Blogathon (February 3-5) celebrates Canada’s remarkable contributions to film. It’s not too late to join in the fun! Click HERE for blogathon details and topic suggestions. Although we’re not posting a schedule, we will post a recap each evening. So join us any day you like!… Continue reading #OCanada Blogathon Starts Friday!

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The Great Gabbo: Mad Ventriloquist Skills

The next time you’re in the mood for a truly strange film, give this one a try. Now, we don’t mean strange as in occultist or supernatural; we mean strange as in, What kind of movie is this? We’ve recently glommed onto The Great Gabbo (1929), an early “talking picture”. It stars Erich von Stroheim as… Continue reading The Great Gabbo: Mad Ventriloquist Skills