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The Beautiful Refugees of Casablanca

Look at the people in the above photo. These are actors portraying refugees in a fashionable nightclub in French Morocco during WWII. This photo was taken in Soundstage 7-8 at Warner Bros. Studio in California. Look at how these actors are dressed. These are refugees of Means; they are not poor. If they were poor,… Continue reading The Beautiful Refugees of Casablanca


Announcing the O Canada Blogathon 2018!

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Time once again for the wonderful annual event that celebrates Canada’s contributions to film history and pop culture! The O Canada blogathon 2017, to occur FEB 9-11, 2018, will look at the many ways Canadian people, subjects and settings have shaped cinema and TV. Your co-hosts are: Ruth of Silver Screenings  and Kristina of…


The Human Comedy: The 1943 Original vs. the 2015 Reboot

Remember that rule in Creative Writing 101 about every story having a Beginning, a Middle and an End? We (as in, yours truly) are fond of this formula; it’s what we’ve come to Expect. But not everyone cares about it. American author William Saroyan, for instance, didn’t follow this rule in his 1943 novel, The Human… Continue reading The Human Comedy: The 1943 Original vs. the 2015 Reboot

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Introducing the Father of Film Comedy: Max Linder

Before Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, there was Max Linder. Now, you may not have heard of Max Linder, but do not fret. We’re here to help you become the Movie Smarty Pants you’re destined to be. First, some Fast Facts on Max: French comedic actor, born in 1883 Hated school, but was popular with… Continue reading Introducing the Father of Film Comedy: Max Linder


Greta Garbo’s Study in Self-Loathing

It’s only fair to tell you, Dear Reader, that we (as in, yours truly) have an unaccountable bias against Greta Garbo. We’re baffled by it. Every time we start watching a new-to-us Garbo film, we cross our arms and silently challenge The Great Garbo to impress us. But by the end of the film, we’re… Continue reading Greta Garbo’s Study in Self-Loathing

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Vacationing with Cary Grant on the Riviera

If you’re feeling Out Of Sorts because you’re unable to visit the Côte de’Azur (French Riviera) this winter, we know how you feel. Idea! If we (as in, yours truly) stumble upon a winning lottery ticket or buried treasure, we’ll spring for airfare to take us both to the French Riviera. We can visit all… Continue reading Vacationing with Cary Grant on the Riviera


#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Apéritif

Thanks to everyone who joined the Food in Film Blogathon. It was a terrific feast filled with wonderful treats (as we knew it would be). Thanks to bloggers who showed us new ways to look at food – and films we thought we knew. Thanks to readers for stopping by and spending time with us.… Continue reading #FoodinFilm Blogathon – Apéritif

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#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 3

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Today we are really pigging out, with foods that are sweet, fluffy, scandalous and literally killer! Bloggers: If we missed your post in today’s roundup, don’t think the lunch truck has passed you by. Tomorrow we’ll have one last recap. Until then, dig into today’s spread. Sarah Brentyn: The Breakfast Club (1985) …


#FoodinFilm Blogathon – Day 2

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Today’s entries span the globe and range from the ultimate New Year’s Eve menu, to Italian restaurants, to ramen and fast food –something for every taste! Bloggers: If we missed your post in this roundup, don’t worry. You’ll find it on tomorrow’s menu. Until then, dig in to today’s entrees. Buon…

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New Year’s Eve: Party Like it’s 1939

Dear Reader, we know you’re the glam type of socialite during the Holiday Season. You are In Demand, and we’re here to Help. In fact, if you plan to capture the epicurean flavour of the 1930s this season, let us look to the 1939 comedy, Bachelor Mother. We’ve written about this film before, about its… Continue reading New Year’s Eve: Party Like it’s 1939