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Bloggers, Here’s Looking at You

We admire you, fellow bloggers. You know the ups and down of the Blogging Life. Sometimes the ideas come so quickly you can’t keep up. Other times, writer’s block is so wedged-in you want to scream. You write about film, food, travel, books, history, music, photography, fashion – to name a few – and you… Continue reading Bloggers, Here’s Looking at You


#ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 3

The Reel Infatuation Blogathon is terrific fun. Discovering people’s character crushes is an enjoyable experience, but it’s also uplifting. Essays that praise the good in others are refreshing. We could use a little more of that, wouldn’t you say? Thanks to Maedez of Font and Frock and A Small Press Life for her ideas and… Continue reading #ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 3


#ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 2

It’s been another fabulous day here at the Real Infatuation blogathon. We’re feeling the character crush love! Bloggers: If we missed your post today, fear not – we’ll include you in tomorrow’s recap. Haven’t signed up, but still want to join the fun? You bet! Just leave a comment below. Meanwhile, please enjoy today’s Reel… Continue reading #ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 2


#ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 1

It’s difficult to think of anything more fabulous than a day at the spa, unless you’re talking about the Reel Infatuation Blogathon. We’ve just spent a glorious day reading about characters who are admired, and why they are special. It’s joyful and refreshing, and it helps restore a little faith in humanity. Thanks to Maedez,… Continue reading #ReelInfatuation 2018 – Day 1

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Planning a Great, Gutsy Escape

We inherited several traits from our paternal grandmother, among them a love of calorie-rich food and an admiration for the actor James Garner. Our grandmother would Drop Everything if Garner made an appearance on television. Who could blame her? He was handsome, charming and easy-going. He was also a fine dramatic actor, as evidenced in The Great… Continue reading Planning a Great, Gutsy Escape


#ReelInfatuation Blogathon Starts Friday!

The Reel Infatuation Blogathon starts Friday, and we can’t wait! This is a blogathon where we dish about our secret (or not-so-secret) screen or book character crushes – past or present. Click HERE for the original announcement and HERE for the roster. If you, like us, are having trouble picking one fictional character, you can… Continue reading #ReelInfatuation Blogathon Starts Friday!

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The Big-Screen Success of a Broadway Flop

The 1935 Broadway comedy, Sweet Mystery of Life, closed after 11 performances. You’d think this play was ideally suited to Depression-era audiences: Greedy associates of a hypochondriac businessman convince him to purchase a $5 million life insurance policy, naming them as beneficiaries. Then they try to cause the businessman’s demise by encouraging him to indulge… Continue reading The Big-Screen Success of a Broadway Flop

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Help Wanted: Beta Readers, Publishing Advice and Sleuthing Skills

Dear Wonderful, Fabulous Reader: All right, you guessed it. Even though you are wonderful and fabulous, we’re going to ask you a favour. Or two. Or three. Now, we realize this is a busy time of year and nobody is ever short of Things To Do. Please do not feel obligated to volunteer your services.… Continue reading Help Wanted: Beta Readers, Publishing Advice and Sleuthing Skills


2018 Reel Infatuation Blogathon–How to Participate Without Writing a Post!

Originally posted on Font and Frock:
Picture this… It’s May 2018. The yearly Reel Infatuation Blogathon is just a few weeks away. 2018 RI Banner (Flesh and the Devil) You have a character crush, or ten (we don’t judge, after all you’re only human), but don’t consider yourself a writer. Or, that kind of writer. …

Book Reviews

One of the Most Successful Women in Showbiz, and her Husband

Of course Gracie Allen was in the movies, but she didn’t make a lot of ’em. She didn’t have to. If our math is correct, she appeared in 18 films (17 features and one short) between 1929 and 1944. Now, the movies didn’t make her a Big Star. She already was a big star, and… Continue reading One of the Most Successful Women in Showbiz, and her Husband