Inigo Montoya’s Triumphant Speech

The Princess Bride (1987) has, arguably, the most laugh-out-loud lines of any Hollywood film of the 1980s. One example is the scene where two men engage in left-handed swordplay. Suddenly one of them makes an admission: Man 1: “I know something you do not know.” Man 2: “What’s that?” Man 1: “I am not left-handed.”… Continue reading Inigo Montoya’s Triumphant Speech


Better Living Through 3D Viewing

If there’s one thing we love, it’s discovering rare footage that deserves a cult following. One such film is The Adventures of Sam Space (1960), a “puppet cartoon” about two boys and a scientist who travel on a shiny rocket to a distant planet. Not only does this animated short have a nifty robot named “Robo”,… Continue reading Better Living Through 3D Viewing