Greta Garbo’s Study in Self-Loathing

It’s only fair to tell you, Dear Reader, that we (as in, yours truly) have an unaccountable bias against Greta Garbo. We’re baffled by it. Every time we start watching a new-to-us Garbo film, we cross our arms and silently challenge The Great Garbo to impress us. But by the end of the film, we’re… Continue reading Greta Garbo’s Study in Self-Loathing


Billy Wilder’s Life-Affirming Ninotchka

A person could go on all day about the delightful 1939 comedy, Ninotchka. What’s not to love about a film with Cedric Gibbons art direction, Adrian gowns, Ernst Lubitsch’s skilled directing (a.k.a. “The Lubitsch Touch“), and a top-notch cast? What we admire most is the script. The screenplay was a collaborative effort by Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch and a man… Continue reading Billy Wilder’s Life-Affirming Ninotchka


A Word About Garbo’s Hat

We want to show you something remarkable about the comedy Ninotchka. Much has been said about this movie, one of the great films from Hollywood’s Golden Year (1939). For example, there are all the witty lines. In one scene, the delightful Ina Claire says to her mirror: “I’m so bored with this face. … Oh well, I… Continue reading A Word About Garbo’s Hat