Thoughts on the Ultimate Hollywood Film

*SPOILER & CYNIC ALERTS* Quick! Without searching online, do you know who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction last year? … Anyone? Alas, this is the downside of winning a Big Prize. In time, winners’ names become reduced to a trivia answer. (“I’ll take last year’s winners for $200, Alex.”) There are countless movies that… Continue reading Thoughts on the Ultimate Hollywood Film

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Mrs. Miniver’s War Effort

This post is part of the William Wyler Blogathon hosted by The Movie Projector, which runs June 24-29. You won’t want to miss it! Yes, Dear Reader, we can tell you’re in the mood for a Movie Of Influence; a film that may have Changed The Course Of History. You think we’re pulling your leg?… Continue reading Mrs. Miniver’s War Effort