Stella Dallas’ Big Decision

Stella Dallas (1937) is a drama determined to make you teary-eyed. If the first sad scene doesn’t do the job, just wait a few minutes. This film has one of the most memorable endings from the classic Hollywood era. But we’re not going to spoil the ending because you need to see it for yourself.… Continue reading Stella Dallas’ Big Decision

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Helen Twelvetrees’ Rotten Luck

Why didn’t Helen Twelvetrees become a legendary movie star? She had the talent: Just watch her in the little-known drama, Young Bride (1931). She plays a naive librarian who marries a slick-talking con artist (Eric Linden). One evening, shortly after their honeymoon, a restless Linden tells Twelvetrees he needs his space, needs to get out and see people. She, understandably, doesn’t… Continue reading Helen Twelvetrees’ Rotten Luck