The Mary Astor Blogathon: May 3-10

All Mary, All the Time
All Mary, All the Time

We’re so excited we can hardly sit still.

Our friend Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci (she of the fab blog Tales of the Easily Distracted) has asked us to co-host The Mary Astor Blogathon May 3-10, 2013.

This is a VERY big deal because this year marks Ms. Astor’s 107 birthday, and we’re celebrating with a Blogathon and cake.

You say you’re not a classic film blogger, but still a fan of Ms. Astor’s work? No problem! Come and join us anyway!

We’ll welcome more than one blog on any of Ms. Astor’s films. So if we receive five requests to do The Maltese Falcon, for instance, we’ll accept ’em all. After all, no two people see the same movie in the same way, n’est-ce pas?

Please let us know what movie you’d like to review and which day you’d prefer. Just post your choice in the comment section below, or send yours truly an email at rakerr2(at)telus(dot)net, or email Dorian at dorianb(at)ptd(dot)net. Be sure to take a copy of the banner at the top of this post to add to your website. We’ll be posting regular updates to keep you in the loop.

We hope you can join us! And, if you’d rather not write a blog post, we’ll hope you’ll still have some cake in Ms. Astor’s honour.


Tales of the Easily Distracted The Palm Beach Story May 3
Another Old Movie Blog Biography of Mary Astor May 3
Critica Retro Romance of the Underworld May 3
Wide Screen World Dodsworth May 3
Stardust Meet Me in St. Louis May 3
The Last Drive-In The Man with Two Faces May 4
I Started Late & Forgot Dog Poem: Ladies Love Brutes May 4
Shadows and Satin Behind Office Doors May 4
Man on Flying Trapeze The Lost Squadron May 4
1001 Movies Dodsworth May 5
Lerner Int’l Enterprises Hurricane May 5
Joy & Agony of Movies Palm Beach Story + Act of Violence May 5
Classic Cinema Reviews/Kids The Maltese Falcon May 5
Strictly Vintage Hollywood Mary Astor: A Life in Film May 5
Classic Movie Night Dodsworth May 6
Comet Over Hollywood My Story May 6
Twenty-Four Frames Act of Violence May 6
Lasso the Movies Across the Pacific May 6
The Movie Projector Midnight May 6
She Blogged By Night Holiday May 6
The Girl with the White Parasol Desert Fury May 6
Journeys in Classic Film Meet Me in St. Louis May 6
Movies, Silently Oh, Doctor! + The Beggar Maid May 7
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Checkmate – Brooding Fixation May 7
Movie Classics And So They Were Married May 7
FlickChick Holiday May 7
Noir & Chick Flicks The Case of the Howling Dog May 7
In So Many Words Dodsworth May 7
Immortal Ephemera The Sin Ship May 8
Silver Screenings The Great Lie May 8
Caftan Woman Kennell Murder Case + Case of the Howling Dog May 8
Kevin’s Movie Corner The Prisoner of Zenda May 8
Sea Horses & Pearls Red Dust May 8
Once Upon a Screen The Maltese Falcon May 9
Vienna’s Classic Hollywood Any Number Can Play &/or Act of Violence May 9
Random Ramblings… Thriller – Rose’s Last Summer May 9
In So Many Words Dodsworth May 9
Portraits by Jenni The Hurricane May 10
Nitrate Diva Beau Brummel of The Little Giant May 10
A Small Press Life Red Dust May 10
Pre-Code Upper World May 10
My Love of Old Hollywood Biography of Mary Astor May 10
Jim Lane’s Cinedrome Brigham Young May 10

Astorthon2While we won’t keep people from doing the same films, we will let everyone know what films have been taken so you can keep track. For those of you who need a crib sheet on the fabulous Ms. Astor’s work, here’s a link to her IMDB page.

The Mary Astor Blogathon, May 3-10, 2013




  1. Well, it’s like a moth to a flame – me with a blogathon, that is. I’m addicted. And if they’re hosted by two fabulouses (if that’s not a word it should be), then that much better. I’m there – and, if it’s alright, I will choose Ms. Astor and The Maltese Falcon. I’m in the mood to write about a bird. The “actual” bird, not Ms. Astor I was referring to.

    Um…OK. So that’s it, R.A. Let me know if all’s squared away. 😀



  2. I hear that 107 is the new 50! Well, I think that you know I am a classic film writer in one of my other guises; naturally I would love to play, er, participate. I would love to do either “Midnight” or “Red Dust.” I cannot decide, so feel free to tell me! Other than a “no” to the 3rd, I have no preference as to the day. This will be fun!


  3. Count me in! Let’s put me down for “Across the Pacific” and I’ll do any day you would like.

    Now where do I pick up my cake!


      • I for one am thrilled to see the love for ACROSS THE PACIFIC, since it’s one of my favorites AND it was one of the inspirations for The Mary Astor Blogathon! BRAVA! Oh, and I’ll make my cake chocolate and gluten-free! (Got a great recipe; you’d never know it was gluten-free cake! But I digress…. :-D)


  4. I was just reading about the blogathon you are planning, I’d love to join in. I would love to do Dodsworth. Looking at my calendar, May 6th would probably be the best. I’m so excited, this is gonna be so much fun!


      • Between you and me, Dor, I’ve never seen it, either! I wanted to do Red Dust, but I was too busy watching The Bachelor finale (don’t tell anybody!) and missed my chance to grab it! I’ve had it my collection for a while, though, so this is giving me a perfect excuse to bump it up to the top of my must-see list. : )


  5. Please forgive me for not having visited your blog before. Due to my lack of observation skills, when I have visited your Blogger profile page after receiving lovely comments from you, I had only noticed that no blog was listed. Instead of noticing that there was a link to a webpage, I made the assumption that you didn’t have a blog. I’m sorry for not having made your acquaintance before.

    I don’t know all that much about Mary Astor, so reading the blogathon entries will be a nice way of getting to know her a bit. That’s what is so great about showcasing some of the “lesser-knowns” in blogathons.


  6. I write a twice-weekly blog for our local newspaper, my Friday posts are always about Classic films, urging readers to seek them out for viewings. I’d love to be a part of your blogathon to Mary Astor and will write about The Hurricane.


  7. Ruth, I left a comment ages ago over at Dorian’s page saying I would do ‘Romance of the Underworld’, and she replied to say that was fine but I noticed today that I’m not on the list for the blogathon on either of your pages – I tried to post a reminder at her site that I had volunteered for that film but my new comment didn’t appear, though it may just be waiting for approval! Just posting here too to be on the safe side – could one of you add me to the list please? Thanks so much, and thanks for organising the blogathon!


  8. Hi there, so sorry your reply on my blog got lost in the bloggosphere for a while. I have manged to get a copy of Red Dust, so that would be fine if I am not to late. Would Wed 8 May be ok (or is that Tuesday for you)?


  9. Hello! My review of Oh, Doctor! is ready to launch on 5/7 as promised. I also found information on one of Astor’s very first leading lady roles (she was all of 15) called “The Beggar Maid” so I will be posting an article on that as well, complete with vintage clippings praising her performance.
    This is fun! So glad you and Dorian are doing this Blogathon


  10. Ruth and Dorian, would you mind if I made a late switch to ‘And So They Were Married’? I see Le has now decided for ‘Romance of the Underworld’ so that one is covered anyway, and I’m struggling to think of much to say about it. I’d still write my posting up for the same day!


    • Hey, Judy, switching your blog post to AND SO THEY WERE MARRIED would be fine with me as long as it’s fine with Ruth! Just let us know what date you’d refer. Thanks for being flexible with the schedule! 🙂


    • Thanks for making the change for me, Dorian and Ruth! I’ll get writing – and look forward to reading all the other contributions. 🙂


  11. Hi there!
    This is a fabulous idea. Mary Astor was such a fascinating lady. I hope that it’s not too late to join in the blogathon.
    If you’re still open to submissions, I would like to publish mine on May 10 and write about either BEAU BRUMMEL or THE LITTLE GIANT. In any case, I look forward to following this celebration of the splendid Ms. Astor!


      • Nitrate Diva, I’m delighted to meet you, and of course Ruth and I would be delighted to have you blogging about either BEAU BRUMMEL or THE LITTLE GIANT on May 10th for our Mary Astor Blogathon! Just let us know which film you decide on. We’re looking forward to your post; thanks for joining our Blogathon fun!


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