Projectionist Peter Sellers (left) waxes nostalgic about the good ol' days. Image: Vintage Norwich

Projectionist Peter Sellers (left) waxes nostalgic about the good ol’ days at the Bijou Kinema. Image: Vintage Norwich

Hey, guess who’s on this week’s Forgotten Filmcast?

We are! Whee!

Forgotten Filmcast, hosted by Todd at Forgotten Films, is a podcast that looks at movies abandoned by time.

This week’s film is The Smallest Show on Earth, a 1957 British comedy about a young couple who inherit a derelict movie theatre. There are lots of fab British actors in this film, including a young Peter Sellers.

Here’s how you can listen to the discussion of this delightful movie:

Your Listen

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The Smallest Show on Earth: starring Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, Peter Sellers. Directed by Basil Dearden. Written by William Rose and John Edridge. British Lion Release, B&W, 1957, 80 mins.


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