A recap of yesterday’s FA-BU-LOUS entries in the Great Villain Blogathon.


Gale Sondergaard in The Letter The opening of The Great Villain Blogathon – brought to you by Ruth of Silver Screenings , Kristina of Speakeasy , and yours truly – has been a most awesome day filled with despicable delinquents, creepy criminals, and icky evildoers. In other words, a veritable banquet of villainy!

Today’s lineup of larcenous lawbreakers consisted of the following – don’t miss a single one!

Mocata in The Devil Rides Out at I Love Terrible Movies

Peter Sellers and Christopher Lee as Dr. Fu Manchu by Virtual Samurai

Laird Cregar in Hangover Square at Virtual Virago

Ming the Merciless in the Flash Gordon movies at The Secret Sanctum of Captain Video

Waldo Lydecker in Laura at Moon in Gemini

Peter Lorre in The Man Who Knew Too Much at Critica Retro

Lon Chaney in The Penalty at Movies, Silently

Otto Kruger in Saboteur at The Man on the Flying Trapeze


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