The Great Villain Blogathon

Mwahahaha! Image: Wikipedia

Dark and dastardly evil doers are on the prowl on Day 5 of the Great Villain Blogathon, brought to you by Karen of Shadows & Satin, Kristina of Speakeasy and yours truly here at Silver Screenings. Be sure to check out today’s Diabolical Denziens, and catch us (if you can) on Twitter via #TheGreatVillainBlogathon.



The Last Drive In: James Caan vs. Olivia de Havilland in Lady in a Cage



Old Movies Nostalgia: Orson Wells as Harry Lime in The Third Man



A Shroud of Thoughts: The Evil of Victor Frankenstein in Hammer Films



Let’s Go to the Movies: The Joker from The Dark Knight



The Vintage Cameo: Bette Davis as creepy Baby Jane Hudson in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?



Forgotten Films: William Zabka as the ultimate blonde baddie in three popular 80’s films



Margaret Perry: Five Disney Villainess Role Models



Classic Movie Gab: Dark Willie Stark in All The King’s Men


Angela Lansbury and her twin, the Queen of Diamonds. Image

Silver Screenings: Angela Lansbury as Mother of the Year in The Manchurian Candidate


Stay tuned for more underhanded adventures tomorrow!

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