The 1967 in Film Blogathon: Day #1

Recap of today’s posts from my partner in crime, The Rosebud Cinema.

The Rosebud Cinema

We’re off to a great start with The 1967 in Film Blogathon, with a groovy variation of films, ranging from the debut of one of the greatest directors the industry has seen, to a famously kitschy classic, and everything in between!

Here are today’s posts! Just so you know, there are a few blogs yet to publish their posts, so for now I’ve just linked to their blogs, but as soon as they put their posts up I’ll change the links!

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  1. This is an overwhelmingly awe inspiring blogathon. There are so many, too many great posts, it’ll take weeks to get through! It’s amazing how so many consequential films can be released in the same year. Was it in the water? Fabulous theme, thrilling films to read about!!! Cheers Joey


    • Thanks, Jo! It was the brainchild of The Rosebud Cinema – I’m just along for the ride!

      And you’re right about the number and the type of films that were released in 1967. I didn’t fully appreciate that before we started working on this blogathon.


      • It’s so impressive when you start to look at the work as a project like this blogathon… So many incredible choices and many very well picked obscure films as well. Really really fabulous work!!!!
        It’s going to take me some time to read all of the posts!


      • It’s so true! I’m always drawn to the more obscure films, because it’s a thrill to stumble onto a hidden treasure. Either discovering a director or actor I haven’t spent time thinking about, and being blown away or taken by their work and then wanting to devour everything they’ve done afterward!


  2. Ruth, I’d leap into the 1967 Blogathon with bells on if I had the time if didn’t have both the Billy Wilder Blogathon and a medical procedure. But when life goes back to normal, I look forward to reading your posts, my friend, as always! I know it’ll be terrific! 😀


    • Ack! That’s too bad about your truncated weekend. However, we’re happy you’re able to contribute the first movie. I will add this link to my “Update” post.

      The blogathon has been impressive, hasn’t it? I’ve learned so much about the films from ’67.


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