Forgotten Filmcast Episode 34: Eyes in the Night

Woo hoo! Look at us, a guest on the FORGOTTEN FILMCAST. Thanks again for a great conversation, Todd!

Forgotten Films

ep_34After a few weeks off, the Forgotten Filmcast is back! This time, Todd is joined by Ruth Kerr from Silver Screenings to discuss the 1942 detective flick Eyes in the Night. Be sure to send your questions and comments after you give the show a listen.

Download the Show:
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Show Notes:
Silver Screenings
Ruth at Twitter
Music Alley

Movies Discussed:
Eyes in the Night
Wait Until Dark

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5 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 34: Eyes in the Night

    1. It was fun, Dor! πŸ™‚ Todd has a whole series of audio podcasts, and he also co-hosts the series “Walt Sent Me” with Kirsten from Journeys in Classic Film. He has all the details on his website.


    1. Kristina, Ruth, thanks for the tip! I had seen and enjoyed EYES IN THE NIGHT a few years back, but with your recommendation, now I’m all the more eager to revisit it again! πŸ˜€


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