It’s been a blast celebrating Madeleine Carroll’s birthday with all of you. Today we have the final tributes to this beautiful and talented British actress.


Old Movies Nostalgia looks at the on-screen partnerships formed through Madeleine’s Frequent Movie Collaborations.


Silver Screenings presents a Madeleine who gives villains a reason to worry in The 39 Steps.


Movie Classics / British Film Classics presents a new-to-us Madeleine Carroll film from 1931: Fascination.

Madeleine Carroll I was a Spy 1933

Ramdon Pictures discovers Madeleine was a Belgian nurse who spied for the British in 1933’s I Was a Spy.


Girls Do Film examines the ways Madeleine Carroll is an atypical heroine in The 39 Steps.

Thanks for joining us hosts (Dorian of Tales of the Easily Distracted and yours truly) for Madeleine’s Birthday Tribute.

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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