It's all party, all the time at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image: tumblr

It’s all party, all the time at our Beach Party. Image: tumblr

We’re hangin’ ten! The Beach Party Blogathon is off to a swinging’ start, thanks to the bloggers listed below. Take time to peruse all these entries, daddio. You’ll be glad you did!


Movie Movie Blog Blog looks at a “money-sucking machine” in the shark-infested Open Water (2004).


Caftan Woman investigates a stylish 1920s Hawaiian mystery in The Black Camel (1931).


Sister Celluloid grooves to the horror monster musical, The Horror of Party Beach (1964).


Now Voyaging sails to the south Pacific with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in Road to Singapore (1940).


Moon Over Gemini discovers life really is a beach in Local Hero (1984).


British Film Classics goes on a seaside vacation with Holiday Camp (1947).


Girls Do Film looks at the scandal and the story of And God Created Woman (1956).


Pop Culture Reverie remembers Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan in A Summer Place (1957).


Victim to Charm finds a hidden gem in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie (2013).


No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen dreams about Manderley in Hitchcocks’s Rebecca (1940).


Destroy All Fanboys! explores the Bad/Good Humanoids from the Deep (1980).


Sixties Cinema rolls with The Beach Boys and The Girls on the Beach (1965).


Speakeasy does a little summer reading with Hollywood Surf and Beach Movies by Thomas Lisanti.


Old Hollywood Films shows us how To Catch a Thief (1955).


Thrift Shop Commando plays a little Beach Blanket Bingo (1965).


Sepia Stories joins Hercule Poirot in Evil Under the Sun (1982).


Outspoken and Freckled lays it on us with Beach Party Films: The Fashion, Music & Pop Culture.


B Noir Detour weathers the storm in the film noir Key Largo (1948).

Hey, you hep cats! Join Kristina at Speakeasy tomorrow for Day 2 of the Beach Party Bash! If you upload your post later tonight, we’ll catch ya on the rebound tomorrow!

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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