It’s been a terrific second-to-last day of the blogathon, with more thought-provoking and entertaining posts. Take a look:

Criterion Close-Up

Welcome to the penultimate recap post for this highly successful #CriterionBlogathon. Again, thank you to all the participants — bloggers and readers. The response has been tremendous.

Today’s recap is the third installment of the English language series, from 1981 to present.

Tune in tomorrow for the final day, which will be the biggest. We’ll be covering the big Essays and Boxsets. You can see the full schedule over at Speakeasy.

On Sunday we will be recording a special episode of Criterion Close-Up. Kristina and Ruth will join us as we talk about the week. We’ll be announcing the Grand Prize winners and talking about some of our favorites, so make sure you tune in.

I also want to thank Joshua from F for Films for listing his favorite posts. We love seeing that sort of engagement!


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