Wow! We are off to an incredible start with the O Canada blogathon. Already we’ve seen a stunning array of Canadian films and actors.

Below are today’s posts. Bloggers: If we didn’t include your post today, we’ll be sure to include it in the recap tomorrow evening, which will be posted at Speakeasy.

Kids in the Hall

Serendipitous Anachronisms hangs out with that crazy Canadian troupe Kids in the Hall.

Deanna Durbin

Love Letters to Old Hollywood has a ball with Canadian Deanna Durbin in It Started with Eve (1941).


Film Music Central celebrates Canadian composer Howard Shore, who scored over 80 films in his career, including The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

John Ireland

Parallax View looks at the career and memorable performances of Canadian John Ireland.


Movie Movie Blog Blog knocks back a cold one with Bob and Doug MacKenzie in Strange Brew (1983)

Dana Andrews GEne TIerney

The James Bond Social Media Project spies on a real-life tale of espionage in the Canadian capital in The Iron Curtain (1948).

Margot Kidder

The Stop Button recommends a drinking game if watching the Canadian thriller Black Christmas (1974).

Whispering City

BNoirDetour becomes immersed in bilingual film noir in the Canadian film Whispering City (1947).

George C Scott

The Last Drive In channels one of the scariest ghost stories ever filmed in Canada or anywhere, The Changeling (1980).


Laini Giles looks at the career and remarkable life of Canadian-born actress Marie Prevost.


Cinematic Scribblings delves into the intriguing true story of a young woman in self-exile in Halifax in The Story of Adèle H. (1975).

Northwest Rangers

Phantom Empires reviews the “supremely fulfilling” heroic Mountie flick Northwest Rangers (1942).

Double Happiness

Moon in Gemini presents a film that examines culture and racial stereotyping: Double Happiness (1994).

Back to God's Country

Now Voyaging brings us Canada’s most successful silent film, Back to God’s Country (1919)


Thoughts All Sorts pays tribute to the prolific and versatile Canadian actor, Donald Sutherland.


Twenty Four Frames covers the controversial film set on a Canadian farm, The Fox (1967)

Deanna and girls riding bikes

Classic Movie Man is charmed by Canadian Deanna Durbin and her make-believe father in Mad About Music (1938).

Kristina from Speakeasy will be hosting Day 2 of the O Canada Blogathon. Be sure to check out all the fab entries tomorrow!

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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