Today we’re celebrating mad movie scientists. Be sure to check out all these terrific posts!

Christina Wehner

Yesterday, Good Scientists had their day in the sun – today the Mad Scientists come out from the shadows! And what a marvelous assemblage of Madness.

img_7665The Love Pirate draws lessons of both caution and hope in Tony Stark the Mad Scientist – Avengers: Age of Ultron

frakmust1Speakeasy shows how Frankenstein Must Die takes the Frankenstein story to its logical conclusion

pretorious-monsterWolffian Classic Movies Digest explores what makes The Bride of Frankenstein a “magical” film.

invisibleray2Caftan Woman shows how Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi can use science for either good or ill in The Invisible Ray.

Frankenstein-05Midnight Only writes about the “undiminished spark” of Frankenstein (1931).

hqdefaultCrítica Retrô gives us the great Lon Chaney in The Monster.

blood-of-dracula-xvCineMaven shows that when it comes to mad scientists, the men have nothing on the women in Blood of Dracula.

5449486772469760Movie Movie Blog Blog presents RE-ANIMATOR (1985) -A…

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