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We’re having a blast here at the Reel Infatuation Blogathon. We’re continually surprised and delighted by the variety of crushes. Keep ’em coming!

Want to join the fun? Just leave a message in the Comments below, and/or click HERE for the original announcement.

If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media, be sure to use the #ReelInfatuation hashtag.

Bloggers: If we missed your post this evening, never fear! We’ll include you in tomorrow night’s recap.

Here are today’s fab entries!

Annex - Holden, William (Sunset Boulevard)_NRFPT_01

Old Hollywood Films gives five reasons why Joe Gillis (William Holden) is the perfect old Hollywood boyfriend in Sunset Boulevard (1950).


Movies Silently will make you swoon over international silent film star Ivan Mosjoukine.

Conrad Veidt The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Silent Weirdness shares the need to save Cesare (Conrad Veidt) from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920).

Don't do it, Dean! Image: madhulikaliddle.com

Silver Screenings swoons over a reformed Dean Martin as Dude in Rio Bravo (1959).

Join us tomorrow for more Reel Infatuations!

Day 1 Recap
Day 2 Recap

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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