If I type fast enough, I can take over the world! Image: reddit.com

Master Blogger at work. Image: reddit.com

We’ve been having a blast these past few weeks, guest blogging on other sites.

If you’re not acquainted with the folks below, why not pop by and say hello? They’re good writers, and each of their sites is a treat to read. We’ve included helpful links to save you searching online.

(And yes, these helpful links are unabashedly self-serving.)


Rupert Pupkin Speaks

For the past couple of months, Rupert Pupkin Speaks has been celebrating the underrated films of 1956. You’ll find a lot of little-known films here, curated by a wide range of bloggers. If you poke around a little more on the site, you’ll find under-appreciated films from other years, too.

In our opinion, Rupert Pupkin Speaks is the ultimate website of film appreciation lists.



Blogferatu, a site dedicated to movie horror, recently celebrated a milestone: Their 50th Blog Post. As part of the festivities, 50 people were invited to discuss their least favourite horror film. The results are surprising – but maybe your personal choice is on the list?

If horror is your thing, you’ll love Blogferatu’s amusing and knowledgeable style.


Solveig Werner

Solveig Werner, writer, linguist and lover-of-life, is hosting her second annual Advent Calendar this year. For twenty-five (25!!) days, a different writer is sharing either fiction or actual memories of the holiday season.

Solveig’s site always offers a pleasurable and thought-provoking read.

Thank you to these bloggers for having us on board to celebrate passions-in-common. Here’s hoping you have much to celebrate in 2017!

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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