The Reel Infatuation Blogathon is terrific fun. Discovering people’s character crushes is an enjoyable experience, but it’s also uplifting.

Essays that praise the good in others are refreshing. We could use a little more of that, wouldn’t you say?

Thanks to Maedez of Font and Frock and A Small Press Life for her ideas and for asking me to join the party. Thanks also to all participants for your enthusiasm, and for giving us some “new” films to watch.

Today is the last day of the blogathon, but if you post an entry later this evening (or tomorrow), we’ll add you to the list. Just leave a comment below.

Now, sit back and enjoy today’s Reel Infatuations.

Font and Frock
Artemus Gordon from The Wild, Wild West (1965-1969)

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society
Dennis Mulvy from Luxury Liner (1948)

Life’s Daily Lessons Blog
Harold Belden from “Nothing in the Dark”, The Twilight Zone (January, 1962)

Moon in Gemini
Charles Shaughnessy from Ryan’s Daughter (1970)

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You
Nick Charles from The Thin Man films

Crítica Retrô

4 Star Films
Meg from The Red House (1947)

A Viewer’s Guide to Classic Films
Gilbert Roland as The Cisco Kid (film series, 1946-1947)

Coffee, Classics & Craziness
Héctor from Coco (2017)

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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