So we were invited to contribute to this anthology:

Our pal Sarah of Lemon Shark just released this second volume of The Shadows We Breathe anthology series, and we gleefully jumped aboard with fictional stories about old Hollywood.

Sarah, who is an extraordinary editor and writer, has organized this volume of short fiction, and the writing is really, really good.

Besides Sarah herself, the book features these fabulous contributors:

Georgia Bell, author of Unbound.
Ruth Daly, author of over 50 children’s educational books.
Ali Issac, recipient of a 2021 literature bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland.
S. Mitchell-Jackson, author of Ashes.
D. Wallace-Peach, best-selling fantasy author.
Allie Potts, multiple-genre author.

If you’re a short fiction fan, you should check out The Shadows We Breathe, Vol.2. It’s a testament to Sarah’s vision, as well as her love of language.

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