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Fred MacMurray’s Study in Ego

When it started making talking pictures, Hollywood intensified its plundering of Broadway. No, really. Hollywood, pressed for dialogue and actors that studios felt were trained to deliver it, began luring Talent to California with promises of sunshine, opportunity and Money. Although Broadway has long been a place where Hollywood shops for ideas, the advent of… Continue reading Fred MacMurray’s Study in Ego


The Plaza Suite Wedding War

Plaza Suite (1971) is a movie where you have to decide, early on, if you can accept its parameters. The film, based on the successful Neil Simon Broadway play, is an omnibus of sorts, comprised of three one-act plays about three successive couples who rent suite 719 in New York’s Plaza Hotel. The original Broadway… Continue reading The Plaza Suite Wedding War

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Making a Holiday Film? Watch This One First

Dear Reader, we can’t wait until your holiday film is in post-production. We have our favourites, but we’re waiting for your holiday film – the one you’ve written and/or directed and/or starred in. We know you’ll sidestep the usual holiday film clichés. What’s this? You haven’t started filming? You’re stuck for ideas? Well, you’ve come to… Continue reading Making a Holiday Film? Watch This One First