Happy 107th, Mary! (You're aging very well.)

Happy 107th, Mary! You wear it well, you minx.

Happy Birthday to Mary Astor, who was born on May 3, 1906 – or so her publicist tells us.

To honor dear Mary, we are hosting a blogathon from May 3-10. Please visit the wonderful tributes at the links and on the dates listed below. If you’re able, leave our participants a quick “fan letter”.

Our cohostess for the Mary Astor Blogathon is the lovely and talented Dorian from Tales of the Easily Distracted. If you’d like to get even more information on the blogathon, you can visit her blog here.

Thanks to our contributors for your enthusiasm and all the Mary love.

Tales of the Easily Distracted The Palm Beach Story May 3
Another Old Movie Blog Biography of Mary Astor May 3
Critica Retro Romance of the Underworld May 3
Wide Screen World Dodsworth May 3
Stardust Meet Me in St. Louis May 3
The Last Drive-In The Man with Two Faces May 4
I Started Late & Forgot Dog Poem: Ladies Love Brutes May 4
Shadows and Satin Behind Office Doors May 4
Man on Flying Trapeze The Lost Squadron May 4
1001 Movies Dodsworth May 5
Lerner Int’l Enterprises Hurricane May 5
Joy & Agony of Movies Palm Beach Story + Act of Violence May 5
Classic Cinema Reviews/Kids The Maltese Falcon May 5
Strictly Vintage Hollywood Mary Astor: A Life in Film May 5
Classic Movie Night Dodsworth May 6
Comet Over Hollywood My Story May 6
Twenty-Four Frames Act of Violence May 6
Lasso the Movies Across the Pacific May 6
The Movie Projector Midnight May 6
She Blogged By Night Holiday May 6
The Girl with the White Parasol Desert Fury May 6
Journeys in Classic Film Meet Me in St. Louis May 6
Movies, Silently Oh, Doctor! + The Beggar Maid May 7
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Checkmate – Brooding Fixation May 7
Movie Classics And So They Were Married May 7
FlickChick Holiday May 7
Noir & Chick Flicks The Case of the Howling Dog May 7
In So Many Words Dodsworth May 7
Immortal Ephemera The Sin Ship May 8
Silver Screenings The Great Lie May 8
Caftan Woman Kennell Murder Case + Case of the Howling Dog May 8
Kevin’s Movie Corner The Prisoner of Zenda May 8
Sea Horses & Pearls Red Dust May 8
Once Upon a Screen The Maltese Falcon May 9
Vienna’s Classic Hollywood Any Number Can Play &/or Act of Violence May 9
Random Ramblings… Thriller – Rose’s Last Summer May 9
In So Many Words Dodsworth May 9
Portraits by Jenni The Hurricane May 10
Nitrate Diva Beau Brummel or The Little Giant May 10
A Small Press Life Red Dust May 10
Pre-Code Upper World May 10
My Love of Old Hollywood Biography of Mary Astor May 10
Jim Lane’s Cinedrome Brigham Young May 10


Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

30 Comment on “Mary Astor Blogathon Redux (May 3-10)

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