Miriam Hopkins Blogathon Starts Tomorrow!

The Miriam Hopkins Party starts tomorrow! Image: Reddit
Let’s raise a glass to Miriam! Image: Reddit

Yay! Tomorrow the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon begins.

Miriam’s celebration is in conjunction with the launch of Font and Frock, a new website about film, fashion, [flash] fiction, and feminism. This artfully-conceived site is curated by our chic, smarty-pants co-host, Maedez, who’s also the brains behind the literary A Small Press Life.

Click HERE for a list of blogathon participants. (If we’ve accidentally overlooked you, please let us know right away.)

Every evening, from January 22-25, we’ll be uploading a recap of the day’s posts. So just let us know when your post is live, and we’ll include it in our “nightcap” (ha ha).

See you at the Miriam Hopkins bash!



  1. This is the cutest!!! Getting ready for the Miriam Hopkins bash with all class, flash and no folderol! Can I use that image sometime… Bravo and here’s to a wonderful Blogathon ahead-Cheers Joey


  2. Regrettably, I must bow out of this delightful blogathon. I have searched high and low for my film, Fast and Loose- Amazon, YouTube, Warner Archives, you name it- it’s no where to be found. (Only the later version was available) 😦


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