We’re feeling the Miriam love today!

Today is the first day of the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, and we’re off to an amazing start. Today’s reviews reveal the surprising versatility and depth Miriam conveys on the screen.

This blogathon is celebrating the talent of a remarkable actress, and launching the new site, Font and Frock, with our friend and fellow book/movie lover, Maedez, who also curates A Small Press Life.

Here are today’s fab posts:

miriam 2

Critica Retro discusses our Miriam and Paul Muni’s attractive beard in The Woman I Love (or: The Woman Between).


The Last Drive-In examines Miriam’s ability to embrace characters who are destructive, and even grotesque, in The Children’s Hour and Don’t Open Until Doomsday (The Outer Limits).


Caftan Woman introduces us to a delightful and thoughtful film, The Stranger’s Return.


Speakeasy looks at Miriam as a sophisticated con artist in Trouble in Paradise.


Public Transportation Snob raves about Miriam’s free-spirited character in Design for Living.


Movie Classics looks at Miriam’s ability to carry a William Thackeray adapation in Becky Sharp.


Shadows and Satin describes Miriam’s incredible performance in the lesser-known 24 Hours.

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 8.13.24 PM

A Person in the Dark asks, What’s a woman like Miriam to do when her husband leaves her for a younger woman in Carrie?


The new blog Miriam24seven presents Miriam’s picture-stealing performance in Men are Not Gods.


Now Voyaging reviews what some call “a perfect movie”, Trouble in Paradise.

Stay tuned. We have more great posts tomorrow!

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