We’re going to brag.

Today is Day 2 of the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, and the contributions are just as stellar as the ones we boasted about yesterday.

Today’s posts provide background and context for Miriam’s career; they give us a greater appreciation for her contributions to Hollywood film history.

This blogathon is celebrating the talent of a remarkable actress, and launching the new site, Font and Frock, with our friend and fellow book/movie lover, Maedez, who also curates A Small Press Life.

Here are today’s marvelous posts:


Wide Screen World presents a review of The Smiling Lieutenant, comic-strip style!


Carole & Co. examines the times Carole Lombard’s career crossed paths with Miriam Hopkins, starting with 1931’s Fast and Loose.


Wolffian Classics Movies Digest gives the 1932 comedy Trouble in Paradise an enthusiastic 10/10.


Self-Styled Siren argues the case for a Miriam Hopkins revival: The Memorable Miriam.

Miriam Hopkins always takes things in stride. Image: lskdjf aiefj

Yours truly defends Miriam’s high-intensity performance in Old Acquaintance.

Don’t change that dial! We’ll be bragging about more contributions tomorrow.

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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