Day Three: Miriam Hopkins Blogathon


We’re having so much fun we can hardly stand it!

Today is Day 3 of the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, and the contributions are as amazing as they’ve been during the past two days.

Today’s posts prove Miriam enthrals audiences today as much as she did at the peak of her career. As our co-host, Maedez, says, “There’s just something about Miriam.”

This blogathon celebrates the career of a remarkable actress, and is launching the fab new site, Font and Frock, with our friend and fellow book/movie lover, Maedez, who also curates A Small Press Life.

Here are today’s outstanding posts:


The brains behind this blogathon, Maedez, presents a four-part series on Design for Living on her new blog, Font and Frock.


Margaret Perry presents a mini bio of Miriam, and proves she was as brainy as she was beautiful: A Georgia Peach in Hollywood.


Tips from Chip recommends Miriam and her Pre-Code version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Wolffian Classics Movies Digest praises Miriam’s Aunt Lavinia in The Heiress


Once Upon a Screen reviews the Battle of the Mothers-in-Law, the more formidable one being our Miriam in The Mating Season.


Moon in Gemini looks at Miriam as the “anti-Scarlett” in the Western Virginia City.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our Miriam Hopkins Grand Finale!



  1. I’m posting shortly; besides taking a banner (which I will link to Day One, I guess, unless you’d rather I linked to something else), what do I need to do? Where should I send the link to my post? I meant to post on Friday and have been sick, don’t want the thing to go up after the blogathon ends (and so when nobody will see it).

    Just let me know—thanks so much, enjoying the posts!


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