The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon Launches in a Few Days!


My co-hosts are Ruth of Silver Screenings and Aurora of Once Upon a Screen and our sponsor is the wonderful Flicker Alley, which is supporting the event in honor of its release of 3-D Rarities (did you know it is the centenary of 3D film?) and Dziga Vertov: The Man with the Movie Camera and Other Newly-Restored Works. There is also a giveaway for the 3D release (you don’t need a special TV or anything to enjoy it) so be sure to check that out as well.

The full roster is here. (I am updating it as I type.)

Here are some friendly reminders to all our participants:

  1. Please inform the hostess you “belong” to that you have posted and provide the URL.
  2. Please link to the event page for the era you are covering. I’m the silent era, Aurora is the Golden Age and Ruth is modern.
  3. Flicker Alley is helping spread the word about the event and is basically acting as a forth host so please link to them as well, if possible.
  4. If there are any issues with the links or any other concerns, please contact one of us.
  5. Feel free to contact Ruth, Aurora or myself if you have any questions. We don’t bite. Well, not often.

34 thoughts on “The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon Launches in a Few Days!

  1. Okay, I have a couple of questions if it’s not too much trouble.
    1. Am I supposed to post on the 28th, since I’m part of the Modern Era era?
    2. Is this page the event page, or is it something else?


    1. Hey there! It would be best if you could post before the 28th, then I will link to your post when I upload the Modern Era Sunday morning. If you could copy the link in these comments, that would be great.

      However, if you can’t post before Sunday, that is A-OK. Just send me the link when you’re ready & I’ll add it in.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, thanks. I’ve gotten to work on the post, but I’m not quite happy with how it’s turning out. Note to self: Improve *everything.* 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, I posted them to her just in case. I’ll be more with the program next time. Been buried in my keyboard and all lost all my other senses. 😉


    1. Happy 4th to you! So glad you joined us for the blogathon – we were hoping you would. 🙂 I am away visiting relatives with limited internet access, but will try to add your post to the list today or tomorrow. Thanks!


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