Chasing Vintage Movie Moguls through Hollywood

Philip Mershon knows where the Bodies Are Buried. He’s a man with a seemingly endless supply of stories about early Hollywood moguls, such as the prickly Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures, or the infighting at Warner Bros. about merging film and sound in the 1920s. Philip’s descriptions are so vivid, you feel you’ve met these… Continue reading Chasing Vintage Movie Moguls through Hollywood

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Young Canadians in Old Hollywood

Dear Reader, we can tell life may not be at its most joyous right now, and that you need some Canadiana to cheer you up. Here’s something for you: Stardust and Shadows: Canadians in Early Hollywood, a book that discusses the contributions of 18 influential Canadians in fledgling Hollywood. Now, you may be asking – and rightly so –… Continue reading Young Canadians in Old Hollywood


The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon Launches in a Few Days!

We’re so excited for this blogathon we can hardly contain ourselves! The post below is from the fabulous Fritzi at Movies, Silently, who is the brains behind this outfit. I’m excited. Boy, am I excited! Just a few days remain until the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon gets underway. My co-hosts are Ruth of Silver Screenings and Aurora… Continue reading The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon Launches in a Few Days!

Book Reviews

Pre-Code Adventures in Hollywood

Dear Reader, we have a confession: we are very old-fashioned. You know, the type who believes dessert is incomplete without whipped cream – and the more the better. We’re also old-fashioned because we don’t entirely object to the Motion Picture Production Code. This was a form of censorship imposed on Hollywood in 1930, but not strictly enforced until… Continue reading Pre-Code Adventures in Hollywood

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Thank You, Thelma Ritter

This post is a contribution to the A Letter to the Stars blogathon, hosted by In The Mood, Frankly My Dear and Best of the Past. Dear Thelma Ritter: We think you’re the best thing since all-you-can-eat chocolate fondue. As an actor, you never were leading-lady material, yet when we’re watching your movies, we can’t wait until your next… Continue reading Thank You, Thelma Ritter