#MovieScientist Blogathon Starts Friday!

We're abuzz with excitement! Image:
Movie scientists mix it up! (ha ha) Image: Dark City

The biggest movie scientist blogging bash of the year starts this Friday!

We can’t wait to read your observations of – and musings on – the portrayal of scientists in film.

The blogathon runs this weekend, February 19th, 20th and 21st. Remember, each day will be dedicated to a different subset of movie scientists:

  • Friday the 19th = good scientists.
  • Saturday the 20th = mad scientists.
  • Sunday the 21st = lonely scientists.

On each evening of the blogathon, we’ll upload a recap of the day’s posts. If you post later in the evening – no worries! We’ll include you in the next day’s recap.

For rules and the list of participants, click HERE.

See you at this weekend’s Movie Scientist bash!



  1. Can’t wait for this. Oddly enough, for the current book I’m watching quite a lot of movies about real scientists, documentaries and otherwise. And I’m a big fan of fictional movie scientists in all three of your categories. Unfortunately, because said book is due at the end of the month, there’s no way I could contribute anything for this mighty venture.

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  2. http://sistercelluloid.com/2016/02/19/ginger-and-jimmy-in-vivacious-lady-the-backstory-was-even-crazier-and-sexier-than-the-movie/

    Hi Ruth,

    Vivacious Lady is up; here’s the link! And this scientist is definitely good; could Jimmy Stewart be anything else? 🙂 Okay he was super-creepy in Vertigo, but don’t get me started…

    Thank you so much for co-hosting this fabulous event and letting me be a part of it!! I can’t wait to read the other entries!!

    Warmest wishes,


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  3. Hey, I’m going to be late with my Invisible Man entry. Hope to be done by tonight…is there a deadline to make it under the wire for your last update of the evening? Sorry about that, been a brutal week…


  4. I had good intentions, honestly. Not feeling up to the blog lately. I’m so sorry I missed the deadline for your excellent blogathon. Charles Laughton won’t care, but I don’t like to disappoint. Next time, I’ll set lots of reminders and alarms.

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