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Dorothy Lamour, posing for her blogathon. Image: Reddit

It’s Day 2 of the Dorothy Lamour blogathon, and today’s posts examine the different types of roles Dorothy played during her film career.

Bloggers: If you post later tonight, we will include your post in tomorrow evening’s recap.

Here are today’s fab contributions!

Annex+-+Hope%2C+Bob+%28Road+to+Singapore%29_01Old Hollywood Films explains how Dorothy learns a script is “fluid” when it comes to Hope & Crosby in Road to Singapore (1940).


Dorothy Lamour My Favorite BrunetteTales of the Easily Distracted analyzes the romantic chemistry between Dorothy and Bob Hope in My Favorite Brunette (1947).


dorothy Lamour Swing High Sing LowCarole and Co. tells us how Carole Lombard gave Dorothy a leg up with her film career including the film Swing High, Swing Low (1937).


lulu-belle-2Movie Classics looks at Dorothy’s magnetic performance in the melodrama Lulu Belle (1948).


Lamour, in her Adrian wardrobe and take-charge demeanour. Image:

Silver Screenings wonders what Dorothy sees in Bob Hope in They Got Me Covered (1943).

Check back tomorrow for our final day of Dorothy tributes!

Day 1 Recap

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