Well, just look at us. We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award!

Before we get carried away with champagne and confetti, we wish to thank the bloggers who nominated us. They are a group of dedicated movie lovers, and there are many things to admire about each of their blogs.

You should go see them. Here they are:

Cinematic Frontier

The Cinematic Frontier is a smart, pithy blog written by a film fan who sees an impressive number of films – both current and classic – on the big screen. One of our favourite posts is this recent review of Independence Day (1996).



Blogferatu is a witty, opinionated site about “the quirky, the weird, the schlocky, the off center.” A recent post you must read is a look at three notable dystopian films that pre-date The Hunger Games series.


Little Bits of Classics

Little Bits of Classics is an unabashed lover of classic film, which makes them Tops in our book. The site is always delightful reading. One example is a look at The Awful Truth (1937) and 5 Things that Make a Screwball Divorce Suit.


Make Mine Criterion

Make Mine Criterion is a wildly inventive blog of movies that could (and should) be part of the Criterion Collection. You might be interested in the proposed compilation of features for, and insightful review of, Miracle on 34th Street (1947).


That Other Critic

That Other Critic is a movie blog with Personality. It offers humour, insight and an eclectic collection of reviews. One post you should check out is an overview of The Man with No Name Trilogy.


To celebrate your fine blogs, we made you a wee present. Here is a 1st edition Seal of Approval. Help yourself!

SilverScreenings Seal

Happily blogging about old movies and using the royal "We".

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