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Look! Top 30 Classic Movie Blogs

Feedspot has just released a list of the Top 30 Classic Movie Blogs on the web. The list was compiled by Feedspot’s internet gurus, who analyzed search and social metrics. “This is the most comprehensive list of Top 30 Classic Movie Blogs on the internet,” says Feedspot founder, Anuj Agarwal. “These websites…are actively working to educate, inspire, and… Continue reading Look! Top 30 Classic Movie Blogs

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Bloggers, Here’s Looking at You

We admire you, fellow bloggers. You know the ups and down of the Blogging Life. Sometimes the ideas come so quickly you can’t keep up. Other times, writer’s block is so wedged-in you want to scream. You write about film, food, travel, books, history, music, photography, fashion – to name a few – and you… Continue reading Bloggers, Here’s Looking at You

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Help Wanted: Beta Readers, Publishing Advice and Sleuthing Skills

Dear Wonderful, Fabulous Reader: All right, you guessed it. Even though you are wonderful and fabulous, we’re going to ask you a favour. Or two. Or three. Now, we realize this is a busy time of year and nobody is ever short of Things To Do. Please do not feel obligated to volunteer your services.… Continue reading Help Wanted: Beta Readers, Publishing Advice and Sleuthing Skills

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It’s Awards Season!

Well, just look at us. We’ve been nominated for a Liebster award! Before we get carried away with champagne and confetti, we wish to thank the bloggers who nominated us. They are a group of dedicated movie lovers, and there are many things to admire about each of their blogs. You should go see them. Here they are:… Continue reading It’s Awards Season!

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And the Award Goes To…

Dear Reader, over the past few months we have been nominated for a few blogging awards, each of which has been heartily celebrated with cake. We have been saving up these awards so we could present them all in one post. BUT! We are accepting these honours with a bit of a twist. Normally, with awards, you… Continue reading And the Award Goes To…

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Thank You, Classic Movie Night

Look what Classic Movie Night gave us: If you haven’t been following Classic Movie Night’s terrific blog, we urge you to do so. There are posts on celebrity birthdays, festivals, and all kinds of classic movie news. They do it all! In accordance with the rules of this blog, here are seven things about us… Continue reading Thank You, Classic Movie Night

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Thank You, Maedez and Sandy

Look what we got! Thank you to Maedez of A Small Press Life and Sandy of Another Lovely Day for nominating this blog as Blog of the Year. Now, these are two blogs you must – MUST – follow: A Small Press Life is a gem that celebrates all things literary. It’s a smart, well-written… Continue reading Thank You, Maedez and Sandy

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Thank You, TMP Lindsey

Look what Lindsey at The Motion Pictures gave us! If you’re not following Lindsey’s delightful and thought-provoking movie blog, you should make haste to so! One of the many things we love about Lindsey’s blog is her Favourite Things About… feature. One of the rules in accepting this award is to share seven Random Facts… Continue reading Thank You, TMP Lindsey

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Thank You, Thelma Ritter

This post is a contribution to the A Letter to the Stars blogathon, hosted by In The Mood, Frankly My Dear and Best of the Past. Dear Thelma Ritter: We think you’re the best thing since all-you-can-eat chocolate fondue. As an actor, you never were leading-lady material, yet when we’re watching your movies, we can’t wait until your next… Continue reading Thank You, Thelma Ritter