The final day of the #ClassicMovieHistoryProject. Thanks to all bloggers and cheerleaders. It was a terrific blogathon!

Once upon a screen...

The last day of this year’s Classic Movie History Project is upon us and to end things we circle back to The People with a focus on The Family Business and A Foreign Affair.  Here are our general descriptions of these topics:

The Family BusinessFamily

Some of the most interesting stories in Hollywood through the decades have been born of family strife and pressures mixed with the art and business of motion pictures.  Some acting families have made a brief appearance in the movies and are forgotten while others like The Barrymores remain popular – whether by truth or legend – generation after generation.

ForeignA Foreign Affair

Hollywood would not have been Hollywood without the talent of foreigners who came to call her their own.  From countries the world over foreign talents added a distinct and unforgettable flavor to countless classic movies.

It’s been a whirlwind few days and submissions are still…

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