If you have someone in your life telling you movies are a waste of time, then send them over here to the Things I Learned from the Movies blogathon. We offer all kinds of life lessons – serious lessons, funny lessons and philosophical lessons. There’s something for everybody!

Bloggers: If we missed your post today, we’ll be sure to include it in tomorrow’s recap.

In the meantime, here are more of the things we #LearnedFromMovies.


Skeleton Pete: Dissecting Seconds



Let’s Go to the Movies: 7 Things I Learned from the Movies



Lemon Shark: 5 Things I Learned from Monty Python



Moon in Gemini: The Subversive Lessons of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory



Life’s Daily Lessons Blog: The Heiress



Reel Heart Work: On Common Sense: Or, What I Learned from Horror Movies about Surviving the Supernatural



4 Star Films: What I Learned from 12 Angry Men

Tomorrow join Kristina from Speakeasy for the wrap-up post!

Day 1 Recap

Day 2 Recap

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